MBCP’s Central Coast Incentive Project (CCIP) Could Bring More than 600 EV Charging Stations to the Tri-County Region

On October 30, Monterey Bay Community Power, the California Energy Commission (CEC), and the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) launched the Central Coast Incentive Project (CCIP), making $7 million in funding available towards the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging stations for business and property owners within Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.

Electric vehicles have revolutionized the transportation industry. Substantial driving ranges, sleek designs, low-maintenance, and charges cheaper than filling up at the pump make it nearly impossible to switch back to a conventional gas guzzler. However, with a lack of EV infrastructure in the Tri-County area, it’s no wonder buyers are reluctant to make the switch.

Launching the CCIP makes electrifying transportation possible. With the amount of funding invested, it is estimated that this project could result in the installation of 600 Level 2 chargers (charging most EVs in 4-8 hours) and 60 DC Fast Chargers (delivering full charges in an hour or less) throughout the Monterey Bay Region. The CEC projects that this promotion of easy access to zero-emission vehicle infrastructure will help the region meet 60% of its needs.

MBCP has a feeling EV sales will be on the rise in the next few years, because just three hours after the launch of our CCIP, an astonishing 200 applications came rushing in! Public agencies, small local businesses and even gas stations were eager to get their hands on this infrastructure funding. With incentives of up to $80,000 per DC Fast Charger and $6,500 per Level 2 connector, there’s no better time for businesses to invest in EV technology.

During MBCP’s November Community Advisory Council meeting, Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance’s (MBEVA) co-chair, Kristi Markey commented,

“I want to say that I am actually astounded that this program has been so successful. I think you may win a prize because when you go to EV workshops statewide and talk about what the obstacles are to EV rollout, one of them is charging station infrastructure. This is really amazing and fabulous news.”

 By taking advantage of the program’s incentives, local businesses help support EV adoption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve local air quality, increase property value, and attract more business as a proponent of sustainability.

To date, 42% of funds have been reserved for disadvantaged communities in Monterey County, while 114% have been allocated to those communities in San Benito County.

There’s still funding available for the CCIP! Interested applicants can learn more by visiting mbcp.org/ev-charging-stations .