Electrifying Our Local Ag Industry with the MBCP Ag Electrification Grant Program

Through our Ag Electrification Grant Program, with a total available funding of $160,000, MBCP is offering eligible customers up to $20,000 to assist with fuel-switching or electrifying tractors, forklifts, coolers/boilers, light/heavy duty vehicles, diesel-powered irrigation pumps, and more.
Many of our agricultural customers are already focused on reducing the climate impact of their operations, benefiting their bottom line and the planet. As a local partner in GHG reduction efforts and economic development, MBCP has identified the Electrification of the Ag Sector as a key initiative and focus for future Energy Programs. Electrification, often referred to as “fuel switching,” has a variety of benefits for the customer, the surrounding communities and the people who work in the fields.
Our Energy Programs team has already received four applications from local farms interested in fuel switching to cleaner, all-electric alternatives. If you know someone in the local ag industry, please share or forward this information to them. Applications are being accepted through September 16, 2020.