2021 Enrollment

What to expect with Central Coast Community Energy (3CE)

      • A choice when it comes to your electricity needs
      • Clean and renewable energy at competitive rates
      • Local community reinvestment supporting clean energy solutions
Communities within San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties have chosen 3CE to be their primary electricity provider. All eligible electricity customers in these communities will begin service with 3CE throughout January 2021, with no action required.

Service Begins January 2021Cities of Arroyo Grande, Del Rey Oaks, Grover Beach, Guadalupe, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, Santa Maria and Solvang and Unincorporated Northern Santa Barbara County – (PG&E Service Territory) 

Service Begins October 2021:
Cities of Carpinteria, Goleta and Unincorporated Southern Santa Barbara county will begin service in October 2021 (SCE Service Territory)

How did my community join 3CE?
New customers with questions about how and when their community joined 3CE, please find details about the process and links to meetings here. 

About 3CE and the Community Choice Energy Community

3CE is one of 21 Community Choice Energy (CCE) agencies currently serving more than 10 million customers across California.

CCEs have quickly become the primary way Californians support clean energy at competitive rates.

CCEs establish local control, choice, competitive rates, clean and renewable energy advancement, and deliver impactful energy programs to local communities.  Learn more about CCEs here: cal-cca.org

3CE Service Offerings

All new 3CE customers are enrolled in our 3Cchoice service offering, with electricity generated by clean and renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal.

 supports electricity from clean and renewable energy as part of the effort to put more clean energy on the grid, and less greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. 3Cchoice will reach 60% clean and renewable by 2025 and 100% clean and renewable by 2030. 3Cchoice requires no action to be enrolled. 
3Cprime supports 100% California eligible renewable energy generated solely from solar and wind, promoting the health of our oceans and our air.  3Cprime is available to all customers at an added cost of .8¢/kilowatt hour.  You can choose 3Cprime and support 100% renewable energy by visiting http://www.3Ce.org/opt-over/. Customers enrolling in January of 2021 are able to choose 3Cprime beginning November 1, 2020. 

Outreach and Notifications

3CE will host multiple informational webinars during your enrollment period. Bring your questions, all presentations will provide time for Q&A at the end.  Webinar schedule will be updated often. 3CE will also hold virtual office hours giving enrolling customers the opportunity to have their questions and concerns answered with our local customer service Energy Advisors. We hope to virtually see you soon!

Virtual Public Forums:

Virtual Public Forum for Residents
December 8, 2020 at 6pm
Virtual Public Forum for Residents
in Spanish – en Español
December 10, 2020 at 6pm

Virtual Office Hours:

Virtual Office Hours for
November 12, 2020 @ 3pm
Virtual Office Hours for
in Spanish – en Español
November 19, 2020 @ 6pm
Virtual Office Hours for
December 2, 2020 @ 4pm

Mailed Notifications:

Enrolling communities can expect to receive four mailers beginning in November 2020, two months ahead of service.  Two mailers will be received before service begins in January 2021 on the statement date, and two mailers will be receive after the start of service. 
Eligible customer mailer notification schedule:
        • November
        • December
        • February
        • March



$17.1 Million

Savings for 3CE customers since 2018

$34 Million

Estimated Savings for 3CE customers in 2020



GHG Emission Reduction

3CE’s local energy programs electrify transportation, building and agricultural equipment, improving local air quality
3CE is on a path to reach 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030 on behalf of the communities we serve



Community Investment

As your local public agency, 3CE reinvests in the communities it serves through local energy programs, competitive rates and local contracts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Committed to providing clean energy at competitive rates, 3CE replaces your utility provider’s role in sourcing electricity. 3CE determins how and where your electricity is generated, sourcing electricity from clean and renewable energy sources while your utility provider continues to deliver electricity and maintain electric infrastructure along with billing and customer service. 
You will continue to receive one PG&E or SCE bill with 3CE taking the place of your utility provider’s charges for electric generation. You will see a new line item on the first page of your bill, and a new 3CE page. Rest assured, these are not new or extra charges. 3CE is simply taking the place of your utility provider as your electricity generation provider.
2021 Enrollment begins 60 days prior to your January PG&E or SCE statement date and extends through 60 days past your January statement date. Enrollment is free and automatic. 3CE will be mailing notices using various media to ensure a high open-rate, beginning in November. Notice 1 will be mailed in November, notice 2 will hit mailboxes in December. January your service begins with 3CE on your electricity statement date. February, you will receive your first PG&E bill that includes 3CE charges for electric generation. You will also receive notice 3. Finally, you will receive the final notice 4 in March.
Following the enrollment of the cities of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay, interest in Central Coast Community Energy grew throughout the cities and counties in the Central Coast.

Each city and county enrolling with 3CE underwent a comprehensive process of public engagement to ensure the public had an opportunity to weigh in about joining 3CE. It is required by law that each local government provide 2 noticed meetings for the following actions:
1) Adoption of resolution and waive and reading of the first ordinance
2) Second reading of the ordinance 
3CE has created extra enrollment months for NEM customers to optimize your enrollment to occur as close as possible to your existing true-up date. Your enrollment month will depend on which month is closest to your PG&E True-up. You will receive two mailed notices in the two months prior to your enrollment. For example, if your enrollment is in April, you will receive your mailed notices in February and March. Click here for more NEM information.

100% Clean and Renewable by 2030

In September of 2020, 3CE adopted an exciting new pathway  to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030 through new renewable projects. 
3CE’s interim goal is to achieve 60% clean and renewable energy by 2025 which is 5 years ahead of the state’s renewable energy goal. 
3CE has already contracted for over $1 billion in clean and renewable energy projects and expects to invest a total of $4 billion by 2030 with this new pathway. 


 This pathway is expected to create more green jobs and contribute to a greater reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for the State while ensuring competitive and stable rates for our customers.

Energizing Economic and Environmental Progress for the Central Coast

By sourcing clean electricity on behalf of the communities it serves, 3CE has already made significant gains in these areas and we look forward to continuing this progress throughout the Central Coast region at a greater and more accelerated scale. Thank you for choosing 3CE and all the benefits we have to offer!



Did you know? 3CE rates are competitive and often cost less than your utility provider. 3CE has consistently delivered a cost-savings to the communities it serves since its launch in 2018. 


Income qualified programs:  Programs such as CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline will continue seamlessly as a 3CE customer.

Central Coast Community Energy Customer Service

Customer Service Energy Advisors
Phone: 888-909-6227
E-Mail: EA@3CE.org
Extended call center hours:
Weekdays 7AM-7PM and Weekends 9AM-5P