AG Electrification Grant Program

Due to the success of the 2020 AG Electrification Grant Program, 3CE is launching an updated version of this program for 2021! Applications will be accepted through Friday, March 26, 2021.
This competitive grant program aims to support electrification or “fuel switching”, in the ag industry by providing grant incentives for the purchase of all-electric ag equipment for 3CE customers. Eligible applicants will be awarded up to 80% of the cost of their electrification project (not to exceed $20,000). 

New Construction Electrification Grant Program

With over $2.2 million in funding, 3CE’s New Construction Electrification Grant Program (NCEP) supports housing developers and wildfire impacted homeowners to build clean all-electric homes. The grant program has two tracks, one for developers of new all-electric Multi-Unit Dwelling and Single-Family Home housing projects, and another for homeowners impacted by the 2020 wildfire season in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties. 

Developer Incentive Program

The NCEP Developer Incentive track is a competitive grant for developers who are planning new all-electric housing construction developments. Applications will be accepted through Monday, March 8th

Homeowner Rebuild Program

The NCEP Homeowner Rebuild Incentive track is a grant for homeowners affected by the 2020 wildfire season who plan to rebuild their homes as all-electric.
Homeowners can also apply for an additional incentive for Level 2 electric vehicle chargers to be installed in their homes. Applications will be accepted until funds are fully reserved.

3CE Local Renewable Generation & Storage RFP

3CE is proud to announce our Local Request for Proposals to solicit local renewable energy generation resources and/or energy storage resources within our service area across the Central Coast. Customers, landowners, and developers are welcome to review the RFP and submit a bid for potential projects of at least 20 MWs for locally-sited clean and renewable energy (can include storage) or stand-alone energy storage systems of 1 MW or larger without the need for entitlements or a position in the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) queue for interconnection.

Deadline for submissions: February 17, 2021 at 5:00 pm.
All questions and bids shall be emailed to

3CE staff encourages all customers and advocates to share this information with relevant stakeholders who may have access to developers or potential sites that meet RFP criteria. We look forward to exploring the potential of expanding clean and renewable resources along the Central Coast.