Central Coast Community Energy Scales Up Support for Customers and Communities with Increased Energy Program Funding to Accelerate Electrification and Emissions Reduction

Central Coast Community Energy launched three energy programs available to its valued Central Coast customers. Program funding dollars will support the electrification of the top three strategic sectors: transportation, buildings, and agriculture.
The Agricultural Electrification Program is helping the local Ag industry and eligible associated businesses electrify their operationsby providing incentives to fuel-switch irrigation pumps, tractors, and other farm tools and equipment from fossil fuels to cleaner all-electric alternatives.
The Electric School Bus Program supports Central Coast schools/school districts by helping to replace diesel-fueled buses with electric school buses by providing up to $200,000 or 50% of the total cost.
The third iteration of the New Construction Electrification Program funds new all-electric, affordable housing developments within CCCE’s
service area.

Post referenced from October 2021 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/3BtZcsN