Ag Electrification

Electrifying the Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is a key economic industry along the Central Coast 
The agricultural sector accounts for nearly 8% of California’s total GHG emissions. Here on the Central Coast, the Ag community sprawls across much of CCCE’s service area, playing a pivotal role in regional economics as well as our region’s commitment to sustainability. 


Partners in Mitigating Climate Change
Many of CCCE’s Ag customers have already taken steps to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. As a local partner in reducing GHG emissions, CCCE has identified the electrification of the Ag sector as a key opportunity and initiative for future Energy Programs. 


Fuel Switching
Electrification, often referred to as “fuel switching,” has a variety of benefits for ag businesses, the surrounding communities as well as the people who work in the fields every day. Some benefits include; cleaner air for the region, more efficient technology, regional GHG reduction, and cost savings. 


Ag Electrification Programs

Current Programs:

Ag Electrification Program

      • Due to the success of the first two Ag Electrification Programs, CCCE has reopened the program for 21/22. 
      • CCCE is offering a total of $600,000 for the Ag sector to apply to the electrification of equipment 
      • Program launched October 1, 2021
Programs Under Development:
      • CCCE is excited to receive feedback from its Ag customers about what electrification projects are important to them in order to produce even more meaningful and impactful AG specific energy programs