MBCP Responds to COVID-19 with 50% Cost Deferment for ALL Customers for Two Months

MBCP recognizes COVID-19 is impacting customers and communities both economically and socially as we all shelter in place. While many local, state and federal programs are available to support customers, MBCP is here to provide support to all customers we serve.

In response to these hardships, MBCP leadership determined immediate and decisive action to benefit all customers was needed. After careful analysis of the possible actions, MBCP Boards voted, on April 13, 2020, unanimously in favor of financial relief to all customers that above all, would be swift and equitable.

Please click here for details found on our
MBCP COVID-19 Response Webpage

Electric Vehicle Incentives and Charging Station Funding Available

MBCP’s Central Coast Incentive Project (CCIP) has made $7 million in funding available towards the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging stations for business and property owners within Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.To date, funding for Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties is fully reserved, with a small percentage awaiting final confirmation.

It’s estimated that the CCIP could result in the installation of 600 Level 2 Chargers (charging most EVs in 4-8 hours) and 60 DC Fast Chargers (delivering full charges in an hour or less) throughout the Tri-County region. With incentives of up to $80,000 per DC Fast Charger and $6,500 per Level 2 connector, there’s no better time for businesses to invest in this technology.

Local businesses who take advantage of these incentives help to support EV adoption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve local air quality, increase property value, and attract more customers as a proponent of sustainability.

CCIP Level 2 Charger funding is still available! In Monterey County, over $600,000 remains towards the purchase and installation of these chargers. You can view available funding in real time, learn more about CCIP and how your business can apply by clicking here.

If you’re considering a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) for the new year, MBCP customers within Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties qualify for thousands in savings through Phase 2 of our electric vehicle incentive program, or MBeVIP. As of this month, there are still 52% of funds remaining!

Electrifying transportation doesn’t just offset carbon emissions, it saves consumers time and money. Unlike conventional vehicles, BEVs lack internal combustion engines. That means no oil changes, transmission fluid, spark plugs and wires, mufflers, or timing belts. Regenerative brakes give drivers instantaneous torque at low speeds, creating less wear-and-tear.

Low maintenance, public and home charging paired with predictable fuel prices are just some of the reasons why there’s no better time to electrify your transportation. Plus, by charging your EV with MBCP’s zero carbon electricity mix, purchasing an EV has never felt so right.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to visit California’s Drive Clean website to find the most up-to-date information on incentives including utility rates, insurance discounts, federal and state credits, plus Clean Air Vehicle Stickers. Interested applicants can view the list of eligible MBeVIP Phase 2 vehicles here. For more information on MBCP’s EV incentive program and how to apply click here.

MBCP Welcomes 11 New Jurisdictions, New Savings Structure, & Energy Resiliency Fund

MBCP’s headquarters were brimming with excitement during a monumental December 4th Policy Board of Directors Meeting.

In support of the agency’s continued expansion, Policy Board members unanimously approved the addition of 11 new member jurisdictions. MBCP will begin service in early 2021 for the cities of Arroyo Grande, Carpinteria, Del Rey Oaks, Goleta, Guadalupe, Grover Beach, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, Santa Maria, Solvang, and the County of Santa Barbara. This growth will increase MBCP’s customer base by over 130,000 accounts, allowing more communities to benefit from cost savings, energy programs, and more.

By supporting MBCP’s carbon-free power mix, it’s projected that our new jurisdictions will prevent over 240,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses from being emitted – that’s the equivalent of removing 50,000 cars from the road for an entire year! Partaking in Community Choice Energy will also serve as a resource to help scale local energy programs for the needs of our Central Coast’s key industries such as agriculture, tourism, hospitality, healthcare, education, and government.

11 new jurisdictions place their seals on the wall

The need for energy resiliency was a topic of interest during December’s meeting, as Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) have affected a large portion of MBCP’s customer base. This resulted in the approval of the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Fund. MBCP will be making $25 million available through low-interest loans to eligible critical facilities throughout Santa Cruz, San Benito, Monterey, and San Luis Obispo counties. Financing for on-site renewable and storage technologies will reduce greenhouse gas emissions further, while alleviating difficulties posed on sectors such as medical, police, fire and emergency operations centers during power shutoffs. In other forward-thinking discussions, the December Policy Board meeting addressed a more efficient way to deliver cost savings to MBCP customers. In 2018, MBCP began providing cost-savings through a periodic 3% rebate on electric generation charges. With the Policy Board’s approval, customers will now receive a monthly discount projected to be at 7% in 2020. Net Energy Metered (NEM) customers who produce more energy than used, will also be receiving an increased Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) credit of 6.62 cents per kilowatt hour; up 8% from 2019.

The ceremonious day ended with an apple cider toast and cake cutting to honor MBCP’s new member agencies. ”The remarkable growth of MBCP and community choice energy along the Central Coast affirms our region’s long-standing commitments to environmental stewardship and economic stimulation,” concluded CEO Tom Habashi. “Unifying the Central Coast in these terms not only benefits our own region, it supports the growth of California’s CCE community and the potential to influence important energy-policy decisions being made in Sacramento.” 

MBCP’s Central Coast Incentive Project (CCIP) Could Bring More than 600 EV Charging Stations to the Tri-County Region

On October 30, Monterey Bay Community Power, the California Energy Commission (CEC), and the Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE) launched the Central Coast Incentive Project (CCIP), making $7 million in funding available towards the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging stations for business and property owners within Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.

Electric vehicles have revolutionized the transportation industry. Substantial driving ranges, sleek designs, low-maintenance, and charges cheaper than filling up at the pump make it nearly impossible to switch back to a conventional gas guzzler. However, with a lack of EV infrastructure in the Tri-County area, it’s no wonder buyers are reluctant to make the switch.

Launching the CCIP makes electrifying transportation possible. With the amount of funding invested, it is estimated that this project could result in the installation of 600 Level 2 chargers (charging most EVs in 4-8 hours) and 60 DC Fast Chargers (delivering full charges in an hour or less) throughout the Monterey Bay Region. The CEC projects that this promotion of easy access to zero-emission vehicle infrastructure will help the region meet 60% of its needs.

MBCP has a feeling EV sales will be on the rise in the next few years, because just three hours after the launch of our CCIP, an astonishing 200 applications came rushing in! Public agencies, small local businesses and even gas stations were eager to get their hands on this infrastructure funding. With incentives of up to $80,000 per DC Fast Charger and $6,500 per Level 2 connector, there’s no better time for businesses to invest in EV technology.

During MBCP’s November Community Advisory Council meeting, Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Alliance’s (MBEVA) co-chair, Kristi Markey commented,

“I want to say that I am actually astounded that this program has been so successful. I think you may win a prize because when you go to EV workshops statewide and talk about what the obstacles are to EV rollout, one of them is charging station infrastructure. This is really amazing and fabulous news.”

 By taking advantage of the program’s incentives, local businesses help support EV adoption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve local air quality, increase property value, and attract more business as a proponent of sustainability.

To date, 42% of funds have been reserved for disadvantaged communities in Monterey County, while 114% have been allocated to those communities in San Benito County.

There’s still funding available for the CCIP! Interested applicants can learn more by visiting mbcp.org/ev-charging-stations . 

MBCP to Host 2nd Annual Community Power Festival

Saturday, September 21st 10am – 4pm at the Custom House Plaza – Monterey State Historic Park in downtown Monterey. Test drive EVs, test ride eBikes, listen to live music with VYBE, and support local non-profits making a difference in our community while celebrating clean energy, sustainability and community!

EV test drivers will be entered to win a free cruise for six on Whisper Charters’ electric boat along Elkhorn Slough! FREE entry for this fun and family-friendly event !

Visit the MBCP tent to receive a complimentary $10 Community Bucks Token as one of the first 200 attendees! Take your token around the event and make a $10 donation to any participating non-profit, courtesy of our Community Philanthropist Sponsor, KRML 102.1 FM. How fun!


MBCP Receives Award – Organization of the Year 2019

In just our second year of operation, MBCP got the attention of the Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce and won their 2019 Organization of the Year award. This is a great honor and a testament to our dedicated, passionate staff and our supportive, engaged community! Tom Habashi, CEO of Monterey Bay Community Power acknowledged, “Receiving this award from the Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce is a remarkable achievement for MBCP after just 16 months in operation. We are committed to being a community partner along California’s Central Coast to assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, driving economic investment and delivering on our promise to support significant cost savings to our customers.” MBCP will be honored with this award at the Santa Cruz County Chamber Gala Awards Dinner on October 17th. 

Ahorre a lo grande en un vehículo eléctrico a través del programa MBeVIP

El Programa de Incentivos para Vehículos Eléctricos de Monterey Bay ofrece más de $1 millón a nuestra comunidad, mas ahorros adicionales

¡Compre un vehículo eléctrico localmente y disfrutre de múltiples maneras de ahorrar a través de Monterey Bay eVIP! En colaboración con MBCP y el Distrito de Recursos Del Aire de la bahía de Monterey, Monterey Bay eVIP incluye dos fases distintas, cada una con beneficios y oportunidades únicas para ahorrar dinero y promover el crecimiento de los vehículos eléctricos en la región de la bahía de Monterey.

MBCP Monterey Bay eVIP Fase 1:Compra Local” (1.o de mayo – 31 de julio de 2019)

MBCP ofrece incentivos significativos que forman parte de ahorros adicionales a través de reducciones en precios de venta sugeridos por el fabricante. Además de los incentivos y descuentos, la página web de MBeVIP ofrece oportunidades adicionales para que los compradores de vehículos eléctricos ahorren aún más a través de programas como el Crédito Tributario Federal, el incentivo de Combustible Limpio, y el programa de Reembolsos para Vehículos Limpios de California,

Fase 1 esta disponible exclusivamente para vehículos eléctricos con batería recargable. ¡Los detalles completos y la aplicación ya están disponibles!
Nota: Los participantes de la primera fase deben completar su solicitud antes de arrendar o alquilar su vehículo eléctrico. Comience su aplicación para recibir su certificado de MBCP

Incentivos de MBCP

  • $4,500 para clientes de MBCP con ingresos calificados.
  • $3,000 para organizaciones sin fines de lucro, escuelas y agencias públicas
  • $1,000 para todos los demás clientes de MBCP

“La región de la bahía de Monterey está a punto de aumentar drásticamente la adopción de vehículos eléctricos”, comparte JR Killigrew, Director de Comunicaciones y Programas energéticos de MBCP. “MBCP y MBARD son factores clave para electrificar todo tipo de vehículos. Ya hemos identificado al sector del transporte como una de nuestras áreas de mayor enfoque para seguir reduciendo las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero y eliminar los contaminantes atmosféricos, por lo que hemos estado muy motivados en ofrecer un programa que motive a las personas adoptar un vehículo eléctrico”.

Actualmente, menos de 2% de los vehículos en la región son eléctricos. “La combinación de fuerzas con MBCP en apoyar a los consumidores en la región de la bahía de Monterey es un gran logro. MBARD continúa apoyando la adopción de vehículos de combustible alternativo y estamos encantados de colaborar con MBCP para iniciar una nueva era con un programa que pone al consumidor en el asiento del conductor”, dice David Frisbey, Gerente de Planificación y Monitoreo del Aire de MBARD. En el transcurso del año, MBCP comenzara ofrecer importantes fondos para clientes comerciales que estén interesados en aumentar el número de puntos de recarga en la Bahía de Monterey.

Los participantes con ingresos calificados reciben un impulso en financiamiento si combinan programas adicionales y podrían ahorrar hasta $10,000 sobre el precio original de un vehículo eléctrico. El Programa de Incentivos para Vehículos Eléctricos de la bahía de Monterey se implementara en dos fases.

Fase 1 (1.o de mayo – 31 de julio), “Compra Local” esta disponible exclusivamente para vehículos eléctricos con batería recargable. Dependiendo de la calificación de ingresos y si el solicitante es, residente, dueño de una empresa, participante de una organización no lucrativa, escuela o agencia pública, el cliente podría ahorrar incentivos que comienzen desde $1,000 a $4,500. Los vehículos elegibles incluyen el Chevrolet Bolt 2019 disponible a través del concesionario Greenwood Chevrolet en Hollister, el Nissan LEAF 2019 y LEAF Plus disponible a través del concesionario Cardinale Nissan en Seaside, y el Volkswagen e-Golf 2019 disponible en concesionario Santa Cruz Volkswagen. Más información sobre fase uno del programa Monterey Bay eVIP estará disponible a partir del 1.o de mayo en mbcommunitypower.org/electric-vehicles.

Fase 2 (1.o de agosto hasta que se agoten los fondos), “Tu decisión, Tus términos” ofrece a cualquier comprador de la región, la oportunidad de solicitar reembolsos proporcionados por el Distrito de Recursos del aire de la bahía de Monterey . Aunque los ahorros son ligeramente menos que la Fase 1, la fase “Tu decisión, Tus términos ” significa que los participantes tienen la comodidad de aplicar sus ahorros a cualquier vehículo de combustible alternativo nuevo o usado, comprado o arrendado en cualquier distribuidor en todo el estado de California. Más información sobre fase dos del programa Monterey Bay eVIP estará disponible a partir del 1.o de agosto en mbard.org.

Save Big on an Electric Vehicle through MBeVIP

Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentive Program Makes Over $1 Million Available to Our Community – Plus Additional Savings

Shop locally for an EV and be rewarded with multiple ways to save through Monterey Bay eVIP! A collaboration between MBCP and the Monterey Bay Air Resources District, Monterey Bay eVIP includes two distinct phases each with unique benefits and opportunities to save money and promote the growth of EVs in the Monterey Bay Region.

MBCP Monterey Bay eVIP Phase 1:Buy Local(May 1 – July 31, 2019)

MBCP is offering significant incentives that are part of even greater savings available through special, reduced MSRP and manufacturer pricing. In addition to incentives and discounted pricing, the Monterey Bay eVIP web page outlines opportunities for EV buyers and leasers to save even more through California’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, Federal Tax Credit and the Clean Fuel Rebate.

Phase 1 is applicable to battery-electric EVs only (no hybrids). Full details and the application form is available now!
Note: Phase 1 participants must apply before purchasing or leasing vehicle. Get started by applying online to receive your certificate from MBCP.

MBCP Incentives

  • $4,500 for income-qualified MBCP customers
  • $3,000 for non-profits, schools and public agencies
  • $1,000 for all other MBCP customers

“The Monterey Bay Region is poised to dramatically increase electric vehicle adoption,” shares MBCP Director of Communications and Energy Programs, JR Killigrew. “MBCP and MBARD are key drivers towards electrifying all types of vehicles. We’ve already identified the transportation sector as one of our top focus areas to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate criteria air pollutants, so we’ve been very motivated to offer a program which gets more people in EVs.”  

Currently, less than 2% of vehicles in the tri-county are electric. “Combining forces with MBCP to support consumers in the Monterey Bay region is a winning solution. MBARD continues to support alternative fuel vehicle adoption and we are excited to collaborate with MBCP to usher in a new era with a program that puts the consumer in the driver seat.”  says David Frisbey, MBARD’s Planning and Air Monitoring Manager.   Later in 2019, MBCP will be following through with significant funding available to its commercial customers who are interested in growing the number of charging stations in the Monterey Bay.  

Income-qualified participants get an extra funding boost and if they stack all the opportunities together, it could mean a total savings that approaches $10,000 off the original price for eligible vehicles. The Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentive Program is being rolled out in two phases.  

Phase 1 (May 1 – July 31), “Buy Local” is being ushered by MBCP and applies to electric vehicles only, with initial savings generated though incentives ranging from $1,000 to $4,500 depending on income-qualification and whether applicants are a business, resident, non-profit, school or public agency. Eligible vehicles include the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt available through Greenwood Chevrolet in Hollister, the 2019 Nissan LEAF and LEAF Plus available through Cardinale Nissan in Seaside, and the 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf available at Santa Cruz Volkswagen. More information about Monterey Bay eVIP Phase 1 will be available beginning May 1 at mbcommunitypower.org/electric-vehicles

Phase 2 (August 1 until funds run out), “Your Choice, Your Terms” offers any tri-county car shopper the opportunity to apply for rebates provided by the Monterey Bay Air Resources District. While potential savings are slightly less than during Phase 1, ‘Your Choice, Your Terms’ means participants have the added convenience of applying their savings to any new or used alternative-fuel vehicle purchased or leased from any dealer throughout California. More information about Monterey Bay eVIP Phase 2 will be available beginning August 1 at mbard.org.  

MBCP Is Seeking Local Microgrid Hosts to Energize Economic and Environmental Progress

MBCP Microgrid SmartConnect Program Would Create Jobs, Accelerate Access to Electricity, Cut Costs, Strengthen Energy Efficiency and Resiliency 

MBCP recently launched the Microgrid SmartConnect Program to develop and own microgrid projects in MBCP’s service territory that support local economic development and provide an expedient and resilient power supply for MBCP customers. 

What is a microgrid? In common terms, a microgrid is a set of localized generation sources tied together with software to optimize how they are used.

Microgrids can act as a single, controllable entity with respect to the main grid; either connected to the grid or operated autonomously as an island. By nature, micogrids offer greater flexibility around generating or using electricity, thereby increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

“Many of us in the agricultural community have dealt with limited or no access to electricity when we need it most – often times this is associated with opportunities to grow our business or simply strengthen our energy independence and efficiency,” shares Norm Groot, Executive Director for the Monterey County Farm Bureau and member of the MBCP Community Advisory Council. “Energy innovations like microgrids that can accelerate access to electricity and grow businesses in the process have tremendous economic implications for our region.” 


“Now that Monterey Bay Community Power has accomplished a very successful first year of service including retiring our start-up debts, delivering nearly $12 million to our community through rebates and energy programs, and building nearly all our financial reserves, we are excited to start turning some of our attention to local development opportunities,” shares MBCP CEO, Tom Habashi. “If all of the key variables align, a microgrid project could be a big win for MBCP and our customers.”   

“As City Manager of Gonzales, I’ve been working hard to unlock economic development within my community through microgrids,” shares Rene Mendez. “Microgrids are a sustainable answer to our area’s longstanding issue of simply needing more power from the grid. This is a great step in the right direction by Monterey Bay Community Power.”

To learn more about MBCP’s Microgrid SmartConnect program or apply to be considered as a microgrid site host, please click here.