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Central Coast Community Energy’s Rates to Change in March for Customers in PG&E Service Area

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Beginning March 1, Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) electric generation rates will no longer be calculated as a percentage of PG&E rates. As directed and approved by our Board of Directors made up of your local elected representatives, CCCE will provide straightforward, stable rates that are based solely on the cost of serving our residential commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers.
Setting rates based strictly on the cost to serve you makes rates more reliable, transparent, and fair while allowing CCCE to remain highly competitive with PG&E. As PG&E’s rates are set to increase through a California Public Utilities Commission process, CCCE’s rates will continue to be lower across all customer classes. CCCE will continue reinvesting in our customers and local communities through increased program offerings supporting electrification in buildings and transportation.
CCCE customers have the same access to rate assistance programs as customers of PG&E. Rate relief provided through the CARE, FERA, AMP, HEAP or Medical Baseline programs also apply to CCCE customers.
*March 1 rate changes apply only to CCCE customers in PG&E service area.

Post referenced from February 2022 Newsletter: