California Green Business Network

For Earth Month we thought it would be fitting to name the California Green Business Network our Clean Energy Hero of the month!
The California Green Business Network leads the state in working with hard-to-reach businesses to create a vibrant, green economy. Since 1996, the Network has offered economic incentives and technical assistance to help businesses owners make lasting changes that improve their bottom line, protect the environment, expand the workforce and provide a green marketplace for consumers.
Did you know the California Green Business Network pays the difference between our default carbon-free service offering, MBchoice and our 100% renewable service offering, MBprime for eligible customers?
You may be able to support 100% renewable energy through our MBpime service offering and be reimbursed for it through the California Green Business Network as you become a certified green business!
If you’d like to choose MBprime as a resident or business, you can sign up here
To learn more about the California Green Business Program including what they’re doing to help struggling small businesses, please click here.