Meet Our Latest E-Bike Winner, Gabrielle Davila of Marina!

We’re delighted to announce our latest e-bike winner, Gabrielle Davila of Marina! Davila is a current student at California State University Monterey Bay who helps connect students and community members to meaningful careers as Monterey Bay Economic Partnership’s (MBEP) Workforce Development Associate.
Work and school don’t deter this full time mom from incorporating sustainability into her family’s active lifestyle.
Davila commutes to CSUMB by bus to minimize traffic, occupied parking spaces, and carbon emissions (when there is no shelter in place of course). Other trips are completed in her family’s trusty Prius hybrid.
Davila’s job is mostly done from home, where she actively reduces landfill waste by composting. Since winning her Trek e-bike, purchased from Epicenter Cycling, she’s taken it step further with her school commute.
Davila commented, “It’s been extremely helpful with the recent construction on campus. I haven’t had to worry about any delays in traffic with my new bike. Thank you, Monterey Bay Community Power, for working hard to procure carbon-free and renewable energy on behalf of our region. As the lucky e-bike winner, I can contribute to a healthy planet while promoting a cleaner method of transportation!”