Meet Sara Steiner, San Benito County’s 1st MBprime Adopter

Choosing 100% renewable electricity a decade, or even three years ago, wasn’t possible without the installation of solar. Even then, you had to do the groundwork to find an experienced solar contractor, fully invest in unfamiliar technology, then finally initiate installation. San Benito County’s Sara Steiner was one of the early adopters of renewable energy.
 “I purchased solar in 2001 after Enron happened. I decided that this was the time we needed to transition,” said Steiner. “There were far and few contractors at that time since solar was still pretty new. It was a huge learning experience for me.”
Almost nineteen years later, Steiner continues to pave the way as a leader in sustainability. Her five-acre property in the beautiful Cienga Valley is home to an acre of herbs, all local to the area and grown organically. She enjoys making customized teas based on taste for friends and herself, with an array of herbs that work alongside her solar system to absorb carbon from the atmosphere further.
Steiner continued her sustainable journey by making the switch to renewable transportation. In addition to her Hollister home, Steiner drives an all-electric Chevy Bolt charged predominately from sunshine. When the sun isn’t out and her electricity needs depend on the grid, Steiner chooses to support renewable energy sourced solely from wind and solar through CCCE’s 3CPrime .
As a pioneer of green technology, it’s no surprise that Sara Steiner was the first San Benito County resident to opt-up to 3CPrime. Without any advertising, Steiner learned about this 100% renewable service offering by attending local city council meetings.
Steiner believes that sustainability and energy resiliency goes beyond purchase power. She serves on the board of the San Benito Agricultural Land Trust, a small non-profit that relies on community funding and grants to support the county’s extensive agricultural community and environment. Steiner also serves on the Board of Cienga Union School District and works with San Benito County’s Amateur Radio Association.

“If you want change, you have to think globally and act locally. It may feel like a small drop in the pond, but community action can really make a difference.”
We can agree that Sara’s efforts and passion for clean energy and her community, are what make her our December Clean Energy Hero . To learn more about 3CPrime and how you can opt-up to our 100% renewable service offering, click here.