Taking Charge of Your Energy Use – A Hero’s Journey

When CCCE launched its Monterey Bay Electric Vehicle Incentive Program it was no surprise that Thomas was the first resident to turn in his application. With a work commute to San Jose State University and California State University Monterey Bay, this Salinas local was ready to replace his older Nissan Leaf with a higher range EV at significant savings.
Thomas qualified for a $4,500 incentive from MBCP and applied it towards his down payment and drove off the Santa Cruz Volkswagen lot with a leased e-Golf for just $9,000 total! Even with his lengthy commute, Thomas finds himself charging his new EV only twice a week with his Level 2 EV charger, electrified by solar panels that he received through GRID Alternatives’ SASH program.
Thomas quickly earned the nickname “Rebate King” when we learned that he also participated in the Save Our Water Turf Replacement Rebate, receiving $2,000 to transform his water and energy dependent yard into a drought-tolerant oasis.
Programs like Save Our Water, SASH and MBeVIP allow our friends, family, and community to be energy stewards…. and they inspire us all to become a Clean Energy Hero.