Request for Proposals


Local Energy Storage Resiliency Project

Central Coast Community Energy requests general and technical qualification responses to this Request For Qualifications (RFQ) from energy storage development companies, consultants and others for 3CE’s new procurement effort to deploy Front-of-the-Meter (FoTM) energy storage projects, sized between 1 and 5 MW throughout its service area.
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9/30/2021 Announcement: 

Given CCCE received an overwhelming response from qualified energy storage developers, we have decided to revise our approach towards achieving our goal of installing up to 100 MW of locally-sited energy storage projects.

CCCE is now planning to issue a Request for Offers (RFO) in early November for 25 MW of standalone energy storage, each sized 1 to 5 MW. We intend to issue recurring RFOs each quarter thereafter, until CCCE has contracted for the targeted 100 MW.

We will be looking for Front-of-the-Meter (FOM) energy storage projects that can be interconnected with the local distribution system operator, capable of providing a resource adequacy benefit to CCCE plus being capable of charging from and discharging to the grid.  Additionally, CCCE will favor projects that may be able to provide back-up power to the site hosts during outage events.  Securing this back-up power ability for each project will be a collaborative effort between the awarded developer, CCCE, site host and the local distribution system operator.

This RFO will be open to all developers, who will be required to submit their qualifications as part of their bid submissions.  Additionally, this RFO will include a standardized, non-modifiable agreement to facilitate easier contracting with selected developers.  We will be including a list of potential site hosts, who are our member agencies, so potential bidders can prepare offers for these sites.

CCCE thanks all participants to this RFQ.



RFQ Schedule: 

Notification of selected Qualified Energy Storage Developers, and all non-selected Respondents has been extended to September 30, 2021.



RFQ Respondent’s Webinar Details

July 13, 2021 at 1 PM
Passcode:  4%wgS15M#K

Call-in number (optional): 669-900-6833
Webinar ID: 860 5364 0931
Call-in Passcode: 9969907725