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MBCP’s 2019 Carbon-Free Power Supply RFP

MBCP’s 2019 Carbon-Free Power Supply RFP Q&A Updated 3/12/19
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  • Question 1: Will MBCP consider non-conforming responses to this RFO for new-build projects with initial deliveries starting after June 30th, 2021?
    • Answer 1: Unfortunately, MBCP will not consider non-conforming responses to this RFP if deliveries start after June 30, 2021. However, MBCP is targeting to release a joint CCA solicitation by April 2019 with extended delivery dates.
  • Question 2: MBCP expressed a preference for existing resources. Will MBCP consider new resources that can meet the Delivery start date?
    • Answer 2: MBCP will consider new and existing resources that can meet the June 30, 2021 Delivery start date.
  • Question 3: Does Appendix C only apply to existing resources and should it be included in the RFP bid package?
    • Answer 3: Appendix C is not part of the RFP bid package and does not need to be completed at this time. Only shortlisted projects will be required to complete Appendix C.
  • Question 4: Should bidders submit prices for delivery at the pNode or hub (NP15/SP15)?
    • Answer 4: MBCP’s preference is to receive pricing at the hub. Bidders may submit pNode pricing as an alternative pricing method.
  • Question 5: Will MBCP consider responses from new resources if the COD can be met.
    • Answer 5: MBCP prefers existing resources but will consider new resources if the COD is no later than June 30th, 2021. If MBCP enters into negotiations with a new resource a Development Assurance of $60 kW will be reintroduced into the PPA.
  • Question 6: Will MBCP consider out-of-state projects with delivery into the CAISO.
    • Answer 6: MBCP may consider out-of-state projects that are able to delivery energy products by June 30th, 2021.
  • Question 7: What is in the proposal package?
    • Answer 7: Information asked for in the RFP and an overview of the company and project, Appendix A, and Appendix B. Note that we are not expecting an extensive redline because the PPA doesn’t pertain to all projects.