Request for Proposals


Short-term and Mid-Term Load Forecasting

Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) (previously Monterey Bay Community Power or MBCP) seeks one or more qualified organizations that will improve the frequency and quality of insights on customer electricity demand, both in the near-term and mid-term, by integrating detailed and timely input data with state-of-the-art load forecasting model(s). CCCE seeks a short-term (t<10 days) model that will forecast loss-adjusted customer electricity usage in CAISO’s day-ahead (DA) market. In addition, CCCE is also seeking a mid-term (1 year <= t < 5 year) load forecast model that will assist with annual regulatory compliance filings and procurement-related decisions. Because CCCE will evaluate the short-term and mid-term models independently of one other, it reserves the right to select multiple vendors after evaluating the respective costs and performance of the proposed solutions for each time period of interest.
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Issuance Date: 8/28/2020
Deadline for questions: 9/4/2020
Responses to questions: 9/9/2020
Submission deadline: 9/14
Selection process: begins week of 9/21

*All dates subject to change


Please note: This RFP was issued while CCCE was still named Monterey Bay Community Power.