Request for Proposals


Uninterruptible Power Supply Fund Program RFQ to Pre-Qualify ESCOs for Contracting Services

As part of Monterey Bay Community Power Authority’s (MBCP) Uninterruptible Power Supply Fund Program (UPS), MBCP invites qualified vendors to respond to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to provide energy resiliency contracting services to MBCP public sector customers operating critical facilities within the MBCP service area. The UPS Program is a $25MM revolving fund (MBCP expects a 10 year cost recovery of MBCP Program funds) established to deliver reduced cost energy resiliency projects to eligible MBCP customers.

Energy resiliency projects provide critical facilities the ability to operate critical loads during grid outages. Critical loads, resilience duration, technologies/equipment and final contract structure will vary from project to project based on customer and MBCP needs.

The RFQ process will create a pool of three vendors who will be offered to propose services/projects to screened and eligible program applicants. UPS Program funds will be integrated as required to best reduce cost for these projects. There is no minimum or maximum project size. Vendor services shall include turn-key full service energy resiliency project design-build contracting including commissioning and measurement & verification.
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Pre-Proposal Conference (Webinar)
Occurred March 9, 2020 from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM.

*All dates subject to change