Electrificación de edificios

Electrifying Our Built Environment

Bringing MBCP benefits close to home
Next to transportation, the buildings where we work and live are some of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Even though MBCP service supports electricity generated exclusively from carbon-free sources, most buildings rely heavily on natural gas – especially in the commercial and industrial sectors.
Across the Central Coast, homes and businesses are primarily heated and supported by natural gas followed closely by propane. Close to 1 million metric tons of greenhouse gases are emitted from the built environment each year and customers spend almost $450 million dollars heating their homes, water and cooking meals. 
Every therm or unit of fossil fuels that is converted to electricity will support the local economy and help add more funding to MBCP’s energy programs.
MBCP Service Area Metrics
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Making the switch
MBCP’s Building Energy Programs assist new and existing buildings with the transition from fossil fuels like natural gas, to clean and renewable energy sources.

Building Electrification Programs:

Programs Under Development:

      • Building Developer Electrification Grants
        (Tentative launch date: May 2020)
      • Home EV Charging Station Incentives
        (Tentative launch date: Summer 2020)
      • Home Hot Water Heater Incentives
        (Tentative launch date: Summer 2020)
      •  Reach Code Incentive
      • Stay tuned…