EV Charging Stations

Incentives for Public EV Chargers

California has aggressive goals to reach 5 million zero-emission vehicles by 2025. To help meet this ambitious goal and reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, electric vehicle (EV) ownership in the Central Coast region must increase by 15%. Publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure is a critical component to achieving this necessary growth.

That’s why CCCE is proud to partner with the California Energy Commission and the Center for Sustainable Energy to offer $7 million in incentives for EV chargers. 
Through the California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure – Central Coast Incentive Project, businesses, multi-unit dwellings, nonprofits and local government properties can qualify for rebates to purchase and install eligible EV chargers in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties. 
By increasing the number of accessible chargers throughout the region, the Central Coast Incentive Project will help support plug-in electric vehicle growth while reducing air pollution caused by vehicle emissions. 
Learn more about the Central Coast Incentive Project requirements and apply at CALeVIP Central Coast Incentive Project:
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Questions regarding the application or Central Coast Incentive Project general questions, please contact their Technical Assistance Experts: 
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