Fall 2020 Energy Programs Survey Results

Our Community's Priorities

3CE surveyed customers in our service area about community priorities; goals, local issues and program characteristics they would like to prioritize. Below are the results. Moving forward, 3CE will incorporate these goals, issues and program characteristics into future energy programs design.

Community Prioritization of 3CE Goals

Responses summarized in the figure below.

As shown in the figure above, the top three goals our community wants to prioritize are reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing fossil fuel use and increasing energy reliability/resilience.

Community Prioritization of Local or Regional Issues

Responses summarized in figure below.

The figure above summarizes the local or regional problems/issues that our community wants our programs to address. The top three answers were to reduce impacts of power outages on communities, reduce GHG emissions from transportation and increase the share of locally generated power.

Community Prioritization of 3CE Program Characteristics

Responses summarized in figure below.

When our community was asked about program characteristics, respondents shared that programs should be cost effective, scalable, collaborative, accessible and innovative.