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MBCP Signs 7th Renewable Energy Contract in Partnership with Silicon Valley Clean Energy

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Scheduled to come online before the end of 2023, MBCP’s newest solar + battery storage project is set to begin serving 7-8% of our customers’ energy needs. The Aratina Solar Center will provide enough power for 93,000 homes and offset carbon emissions by approximately 430,000 metric tons each year, the equivalent of planting 7 million trees annually or removing 90,000 cars from the road.

“Securing renewable, reliable, affordable energy to power our community and support our clean energy goals is our top priority, and we have been proud to work with the state’s largest solar developer to ensure that we meet that goal,” said Tom Habashi, Chief Executive Officer of MBCP . “This large-scale, long-term solar project with storage launches us into an even stronger position in doing our part to reduce carbon emissions while meeting our customers’ needs.”

The Aratina Solar Center is being built in Kern County, California where 8minute has been a significant player in accelerating solar and storage development. This agreement marks MBCP’s 7th renewable energy contract in partnership with Silicon Valley Clean Energy and part of an ongoing effort to seek more renewable opportunities.

Want to learn more about the Aratina Solar Center?
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