Member Agency Services

General Overview

Proactively engaging our 33 Member Agencies in program design, utilization, outreach, and support for initiatives designed to reduce GHG within CCCE communities, is an essential component of CCCE’s strategy for meeting its primary goals. Member Agencies can proactively amplify electrification, GHG emission reduction, and local economic development efforts through their own operations as well as community-wide.  Member Agency support will only be available to accelerate CCCE’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, stimulate local economies, and facilitate electrification and move our region away from burning of fossil fuels.

Available Programs

Light-Duty Vehicle Electrification Program

Central Coast Community Energy is offering member agencies funding for light duty fleet electrification, electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, and EV readiness funding.
Already purchased and/or installations must be made between October 1, 2021, and September 30, 2022. For future planned purchases of Member Agency fleet vehicles, purchase of EV Chargers, or EV Readiness projects funding must be identified by a Member Agency in their fiscal year budget and/or via an EV fleet procurement policy with annual targets.

Planning, Implementation, and Innovation Grant Program

Central Coast Community Energy is accepting grant applications from  Member Agencies for projects and/or programs that advance electrification. Through the Program, CCCE seeks to enable planning, implementation, and innovation by our Member Agencies.
All CCCE Member Agencies are eligible to apply. The funding for the program totals $600,000 and individual grants will be awarded up to $150,000. 

Reach Code Program

Central Coast Community Energy is committed to supporting our member jurisdictions in the implementation of Reach Codes. The goal of the Reach Code Program is to incentivize CCCE member jurisdictions to adopt and codify Reach Codes that support building electrification.
CCCE is offering a onetime incentive payment of $15,000 to CCCE member jurisdictions to offset staff costs associated with the adoption of a reach code ordinance

Medium Duty/Heavy Duty Vehicle Electrification Program

In response to increased interest from member agencies to aggressively transition their fleets away from internal combustion engines (ICEs), CCCE is exploring the opportunity to add a new program to its FY 21/22 Energy Programs portfolio focusing on the electrification of medium and heavy duty (MD/HD) vehicles.

For additional questions or collaboration

Member agencies can directly contact CCCE’s Energy Programs department at for any questions or needs related to current and future programs.