Homeowner Rebuild – New Construction Electrification Grant Program

CLOSED PROGRAM - Homeowner Rebuild

Electrifying the Central Coast through affordable and clean housing

The NCEP Homeowner Rebuild Incentive track is a grant for homeowners affected by the 2020 wildfire season who plan to rebuild their homes as all-electric. CCCE will fund eligible projects until a total of $125,000 in funds have been fully reserved. Homeowners in CCCE service territory whose homes were red-tagged by Cal Fire during the 2020 wildfire season may apply for this program. CCCE will fund eligible projects as follows: 

    $5,000 per single family home                     $2,500 per multi-unit dwelling or accessory dwelling unit

Homeowners can also apply for an additional incentive for Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations to be installed in their new developments. Applicants are eligible to apply for 1 Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station per housing unit. CCCE will fund eligible chargers as follows: 


 $600 per Unit of Single-Family Housing              $1,000 per Charging Station for Multi-Unit Dwellings

Steps to Participate in the Homeowner Rebuild Program

1. Apply Online

What you will need:

          • Housing Unit Details
          • Project Schedule
          • At least one document showing intent to build an all-electric project
                • Architect of Record’s plans with confirmation letter from the architect describing how the building meets the all electric requirement and citing relevant pages
                • Confirmation letter from the electrical engineer describing how the building design plans meets the all-electric requirement
                • Construction permit, from the city/county, showing the building will be all electric

2. If approved, your funds will be reserved and you will receive a Letter of Intent stating the total grant for your project. Funds may be reserved for up to 2.5 years*


3. Receive grant funds upon project completion.

You will need to provide a building permit card detailing final approval of construction

*Applicants may submit one letter requesting an extension of reserved grant funds, for up to one year. The letter must provide a description of a good faith efforts towards completing the approved project. 
The 3CE New Construction Electrification Grant Program – Homeowner Rebuild Program Application launched Friday, January 22nd, 2021 
Applications will be accepted until funds are fully reserved.