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Central Coast Community Energy customers enrolling in October become eligible fur current energy program funding. Click here to see current programs. is enrolling SCE customers with a 2% discount off electric generation rates. Realized savings for customers averages 1%.  

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Key Benefits of 3CE


All 3CE service offerings support the growth of clean and renewable energy, as well as contribute to the economic vitality of the communities that we serve.


Supporting Clean and Renewable Energy while Enjoying Competitive Rates


$12 Million

Energy Program funding made available to customers since 2018


Investment in our local
Central Coast community

Rate Assistance Programs

CARE, FERA, AMP, HEAP and Medical Baseline is available to Central Coast Community Energy customers, as well as PG&E or SCE customers, and provides the same discount regardless of enrollment with Central Coast Community Energy or your utility provider. Customers enrolled in Central Coast Community Energy continue to receive their CARE, FERA, AMP, HEAP and Medical Baseline discount within their PG&E delivery charges; there is no need to reapply with Central Coast Community Energy. Those enrolled in CARE/FERA may also be eligible to apply for the AMP Program. New CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline enrollments or renewals must still be done through PG&E’s or SCE’s customer service center or website.
3CE supports all customers and wants to remind our customers that you may be eligible for rate assistance programs such as CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline. You may be eligible to receive up to 20% off your bill.
  • To learn more about CARE/FERA, please visit this website.
  • To learn more about Medical Baseline, please visit this website.
  • To learn more about Central Coast Energy Services LIHEAP program, please visit this website.
3CE also supports other rate assistance programs such as Arrearage Management Plan (AMP) — a new payment plan option to help qualifying residential customers reduce unpaid balances on their bills. AMP  provides for up to $8,000 total arrearage forgiveness for CARE or FERA customers. Customers must be enrolled in CARE or FERA to be eligible for AMP. Customers must also owe at least $500 in arrearages, or $250 for gas-only customers, with some portion of the arrearage at least 90 days past due. NEM customers are not eligible to participate at this time.
How it Works
Customers enrolled in AMP will receive forgiveness of 1/12 for their starting arrearage balance for every on-time payment of a current monthly bill, with a maximum possible amount of $8,000 in total forgiveness per 12-month period. Customers must make all 12 months of on-time payments to remain in the program. If a customer falls out of compliance, any amounts forgiven are not forfeited. If a customer falls out of compliance, they must wait for 12 months before re-enrolling.

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