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Please note: Prior to September 4, 2020 CCCE was named Monterey Bay Community Power or MBCP as shown in the below blog posts.

MBCP is Accelerating the Construction of New All-Electric Housing

MBCP’s latest energy program is aimed at accelerating the construction of new all-electric housing to decrease reliance on fossil fuels such as natural gas and reducing local greenhouse …

MBCP Responds to COVID-19 with 50% Cost Deferment for ALL Customers for Two Months

MBCP recognizes COVID-19 is impacting customers and communities both economically and socially as we all shelter in place. While many local, state and federal programs …

Electric Vehicle Incentives and Charging Station Funding Available

MBCP’s Central Coast Incentive Project (CCIP) has made $7 million in funding available towards the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging stations for business …


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