Uninterruptible Power Supply Fund Program

Are your operations impacted by power outages?

Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) allocated $25 million to create the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Fund to accelerate the adoption of reliable backup power for eligible public and private customers operating critical facilities.

Responding to community needs
CCCE wants to help its customers maintain critical operations during prolonged power outages, such as those caused by PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events or other natural disasters.

The UPS Fund provides electricity resilience project financing for public and private customers operating critical facilities

UPS Fund Eligibility

Site/Facility Eligibility
1) A critical facility located within CCCE’s service area
2) Controlled by an CCCE customer in good standing 
Project Eligibility
Projects must demonstrate:
1) Technical feasibility to provide energy/electricity resilience
2) Cost recovery should be completed within +/- 10 years.

* Public sector customers are not required to have a project identified. Public sector customers may apply any time and CCCE will facilitate project development.

Eligible Technologies
Eligible technologies include but are not limited to: simple backup fossil fuel generators (natural gas, diesel, etc), battery energy storage systems (BESS), solar PV, wind, and combinations of technologies that provide energy resiliency. 

What is a "Critical Facility"?

Critical facilities include emergency services, medical services, drinking water, wastewater, community resource centers, and numerous other facilities identified as “critical”. 

Critical Facility List

  • Fire stations
  • Emergency response providers
  • Emergency operations centers
  • Medical facilities (hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, blood banks, health care facilities, dialysis centers and hospice facilities)
  • Police
  • Public and private gas, electric, water, wastewater, or flood control facilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Traffic signals
  • Data Centers
  • Jails and prisons
  • Locations designated by the IOUs to help during PSPS events
  • Cooling centers designated by state or local governments
  • Homeless shelters supported by federal, state, or local governments
  • Schools
  • Grocery Stores
  • Agricultural storage
  • Libraries
  • Other justifiable critical facilities will be considered for funding on a case-by-case basis

Public Sector UPS Fund

Public Sector Customer Eligibility
Public Sector is defined as an entity that is owned or controlled by the government. 

Private Sector UPS Fund (Coming Soon)

Private Sector Customer Eligibility
Private Sector is defined as an entity that is not under the direct control of the government. 

Webinar and Tutorial Information

Webinars and tutorial will be available soon on this webpage. 
E-mail programs@3Ce.org for more information.