Benefits of 3CE

Benefits Of 3CE Service – Powerful Resources 

Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) delivers the power to do more with your electricity service and know more about your electricity provider.  

Our customers invest in a transparent and inclusive process to generate clean energy and community-centered benefits for a healthy economic and environmental future. 

Do More 

Reduce emissions

As a 3CE customer, you help to reduce emissions by using electricity generated from clean and renewable sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal. 3CE is on a path to sourcing 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030 – 15 years ahead of the state goal. For those who can’t wait, 3CE offers 100% renewable energy through 3Cprime service

3CE customers can further reduce emissions by plugging into exclusive rebates and resources that transition your transportation, home, or workplace from fossil-fuel power to clean, all-electric solutions.  

Build a cleaner, more reliable grid

3CE customers help make California’s grid cleaner and more reliable. On behalf of our customers, 3CE focuses on electricity which comes from new renewable energy projects including energy storage technology. This approach provides higher impact, long lasting contributions to California’s grid and puts 3CE and its customers on a path to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030 – 15 years ahead of the state’s goals. 

Invest in your own community

Unlike investor-owned utilities, 3CE operates as a community-owned not-for-profit. That means revenue stays local and gets invested in the communities 3CE serves, not passed on to investors or shareholders. Coupled with community engagement, 3CE quickly and efficiently responds to community needs. Investment also comes in the form of affordable and fair rates, job creation and workforce development, supporting local economies and businesses, as well as providing access to resources, rebates, and incentives. 

Plug in to rebates and incentives to electrify your transportation, home, or workplace

3CE provides financial and educational resources as well as technical assistance to help you electrify your life. As a 3CE customer, you have access to exclusive Energy Program rebates and incentives to help you electrify your transportation, home, or workplace. Considering a new or used electric vehicle but not sure how you will charge it? We’ve got rebates for new and used electric vehicles, charger equipment, and even labor associated with installing a charger.  

Know More 

Local Control

Maintaining local control over your city or county’s electricity needs is the basis for 3CE customer benefits, and the foundation for the not-for-profit, community-focused model 3CE follows. With no investors or shareholders, 3CE is led by Operations and Policy Boards comprised of city or county administrators and elected officials who represent the communities 3CE serves. 

Local control also means that customers get to weigh in on decisions and policies that address the unique needs of our diverse Central Coast community. 

Public Process

As a community-owned not-for-profit, 3CE functions as a public agency much like your local city council or board of supervisors. All Policy and Operations Board meetings are open to the public and provide opportunities for written and verbal comment. 3CE also formed a Community Advisory Council which represents environmental, business, and community leaders to inform staff recommendations to 3CE boards. Decisions are made by your local elected officials with meeting agendas and supporting documents posted in advance. 

Affordable and Fair Rates

3CE sets rates locally through a transparent process.   Local rate-setting reflects our region’s climate, the unique energy needs of our diverse Central Coast community and allows for input from our customers and the communities served. 3CE’s cost-based rate structure allows for simple, stable rates that support continued community investment and customer benefits.