About 3CE

Your local electricity provider 

Local communities established Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) to source clean and renewable electricity at competitive prices for customers throughout Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara counties. 3CE is locally controlled and governed by board members who represent each community served by the agency. 

With no investors or shareholders, revenue generated by 3CE stays local. It helps keep electricity rates affordable and fair for all customers while also funding innovative energy programs designed to lower greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate community reinvestment. 

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Electrifying the Central Coast

Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) is on track to source 100% renewable energy by 2030, but making clean electricity available to our customers is only part of the puzzle. An emissions-free future requires decarbonizing not just the resources that power our electric grid, but all the buildings, vehicles and equipment that use the energy generated by those non-carbon sources. In addition to investing in new renewable energy and storage projects and funding new all-electric construction, 3CE is committed to empowering our customers to use electricity for more of their daily energy needs.

The growing number of electric vehicles may be the most visible sign of the electrification of our Central Coast communities – and 3CE rebates have helped put more EVs on the road, as well as funding charging stations to support them – but there are plenty of less obvious places where 3CE customers can upgrade from greenhouse-gas-emitting equipment and appliances to modern, all-electric versions.

In homes and businesses, heat-pump technology can replace old-fashioned, gas-fired water heaters as well as traditional HVAC systems, making buildings more efficient, bringing utility bills down, and creating a heathier indoor environment. In the field, farmers are phasing out noisy, polluting, fossil-fueled engines in favor of all-electric agricultural equipment that’s better for farmworkers and for the farm’s bottom line. 3CE offers rebates for all these electrification upgrades, with even bigger incentives for income-qualified customers and small businesses.

By helping the Central Coast make use of the clean and renewable power our projects are putting onto the grid, Central Coast Community Energy and our customers are using power for good.

Community Investment: Funding the Central Coast’s Clean Energy Future

Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) is turning electricity into a powerful local resource for businesses and households in their transition to clean energy. Our Energy Programs offer 3CE customers cash rebates for electrifying their vehicles, homes, businesses and farms 

Together with our customers, we’ve helped put more than 1,000 electric vehicles on the road — and to keep them moving, 3CE in partnership with the California Energy Commission has funded more than 1,000 EV chargers for the Central Coast. We’ve also contributed toward seven new electric buses for local schools and now offer similar rebates for agriculture-worker transport businesses, making these rides cheaper, cleaner and healthier. 

Beyond transportation, we’re helping the region’s Ag industry electrify essential equipment such as irrigation, harvesters, boilers, chillers, and more — and 3CE even offers Ag businesses no-cost technical assistance. And we’re helping to build affordable all-electric housing with our New Construction Electrification Program’s incentives for developers, including $200,000 for a new 80-unit apartment complex for farmworker families and residents with supportive housing needs. 

Electrifying the Central Coast is good for both business and the environment. In partnership with our customers and the cities and counties we serve, Central Coast Community Energy is using power for good. 

Finding Our Way to 100% Clean and Renewable Energy by 2030

Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) is on track to deliver 100% clean and renewable energy to its customers by 2030 — 15 years ahead of the state’s goals. By the end of summer 2023, 3CE will have brought enough new renewable generation online to power more than 230,000 Central Coast households. Through long-term purchasing agreements for new projects including wind and solar, we’re reducing California’s overall emissions and putting new renewable resources in the ground.

In 2021, 3CE’s leadership team and both Boards of Directors decided the agency should focus on building a cleaner, more reliable grid and making a lasting impact on greenhouse gas emissions reduction by funding new renewable energy generation and storage projects. Committed to this vision of making real change on behalf of our customers, 3CE accelerated our procurement plan to target 60% clean and renewable generation by 2025 and 100% by 2030. To accomplish this, 3CE invested in reliable non-carbon energy sources like California’s first new geothermal plant in 30 years (power that’s always on, even when there’s no sun or wind; watch the video here) as well as a diverse array of storage technologies, including an innovative new compressed-air facility (hear a brief interview with 3CE CEO Rob Shaw on the topic here).

While many organizations committing themselves to clean energy purchase carbon credits to appear carbon-free on paper, 3CE instead has chosen to invest in new renewable energy resources, making California’s power mix cleaner and our communities’ air healthier. Together with our customers and the cities and counties we serve, 3CE is making real investments in our clean energy future — we’re using power for good.

The promise of local control and clean energy 

3CE delivers the power to do more with your electricity bill and know more about your electricity provider. Our customers are invested in a transparent and inclusive process to generate clean energy and community-centered benefits for a healthy economic and environmental future.

Dedicated to Clean Energy and Community Reinvestment

Since beginning operations in 2018, 3CE has enrolled 33 Central Coast communities and now serves more than 430,000 customers – 94% of households and businesses in our region. 3CE is on a path to sourcing 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030 – 15 years ahead of the state goal! In collaboration with regional and statewide partners, 3CE has provided customers with access to more than $28 million in Energy Program rebates and incentives to electrify our transportation, buildings, and agricultural sector.

Powerful resources for your home or business 

By embracing clean energy and local control, 3CE offers customers and communities much more than electricity service. Visit the Benefits page to learn more.