Key Documents

Administrative Documents

CEO Expense Authorization Limit
Records Retention Policy
Delinquent Accounts and Collections Policy
Customer Generation Rates Policy
Prohibition Against Dissemination of Untrue or Misleading Information
Opt-out policy

Communications and Outreach

Sponsorship Policy

Finance and Budgets

Credit Rating
Schedule of Outstanding Debt

Financial Documents

Debt Limitations Policy
Accounting Policy
Budget Policy
Capital Projects Policy
Purchasing Card Policy
Capitalization Policy
Purchasing and Procurement
Small and Local Preference Policy
Travel and Meeting Expense Reimbursements for Employees
Reserve Policy
Investment Policy
Budget Transfer Policy

Formation Documents

Implementation Plan and Statement of Intent: Addendum 4
Implementation Plan and Statement of Intent: Addendum 3
Amended JPA Agreement
Feasibility Study
Amended Operating Rules and Regulations

Human Resources Documents

Compensation Policy
Amended Employee Handbook

Regulatory and Legislative Affairs

Advocacy Policy and Procedures