Staff Directory

3CE staff members are dedicated to serving the unique needs of our diverse community. We are excited to embrace clean energy as the catalyst for continued economic and environmental benefits for the communities in which we live and work.

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Executive Team
Robert Shaw				Chief Executive Officer
Dennis Dyc-O’Neal			Chief Operations Officer
Dewayne Woods			Chief Financial Officer
Catherine Stedman			Chief Communications Officer

Chris Cook				Director of Energy Programs
Nick Dominguez			Director of Power Supply Resources
Mani Gutierrez			Director of Data and Analytics
Alicia Hicks				Director of Human Resources & Administrative Services
Juan Lopez				Director of Finance
Dawn Mathes-Park			Director of Communications and Outreach

Energy Programs
Inaara Muhammad			Manager of Energy Programs
Griffin Boyle				Energy Programs Analyst
Paige Callaghan			Energy Programs Analyst
Ana Capstick				Energy Programs Analyst

Customer Accounts and Services
Jenna Espinosa			Manager of Customer Accounts and Services
Fernanda Ocaña			Customer Accounts Manager
Jeff Railsback				Customer Accounts Manager
Gabe Ruiz				Senior Customer Accounts Manager
Sophia Schwirzke			Customer Accounts Manager
Judi Young				Senior Customer Accounts Manager

Peter Berridge			Manager of Communications
Meridith Cook				Communications Specialist
Luke Meade				Communications Specialist

Power Supply Resources
Deanna Fernandez			Energy Contracts & Compliance Manager
Demetra Frese			Power Resources Markets Manager
Tara Walling				Manager of Energy Trading 
Anamika Singh			Power Supply Analyst

Regulatory Affairs
Jerri Strickland			Manager of Energy Policy
Kalia Mitchell-Silbaugh		Policy Advisor

Marina Pantchenko			Deputy General Counsel 

Data Analytics
Liz Dunsmoor				Data Engineer
Wade Grant				Data Analyst

Geoffrey Ihle				Energy Risk Manager
Mary Federico				Billing Operations & Rates Analyst
Gina Urmatan				Senior Accountant
Thomas White				Accountant

Information Technology
Jon Tobar				IT Specialist

Aracely Cardona			Senior Administrative Specialist
Chelsey Ripley			Human Resources Analyst
Cynthia Quiane			Administrative Specialist
Heather Vowell			Board Clerk