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Electric Rates Set Locally

Beginning March 1, CCCE electric generation rates will no longer be calculated as a percentage of PG&E rates.  As directed and approved by our Board of Directors made up of your local elected representatives, CCCE will provide straightforward, stable rates that are based solely on the cost of serving our residential commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers.  
Setting rates based strictly on the cost to serve you makes rates more reliable, transparent, and fair while allowing CCCE to remain highly competitive with PG&E. As PG&E’s rates are set to increase through a California Public Utilities Commission process, CCCE’s rates will continue to be lower across all customer classes. CCCE will continue reinvesting in our customers and local communities through increased program offerings supporting electrification in buildings and transportation. 

* March 1 rate comparison for CCCE customers in PG&E service area.

The new CCCE rates provide: 
Electricity customers may have grown accustomed to investor-owned utility’s rates changing several times throughout the year. But unpredictable rate changes do not have to be the norm. CCCE’s new rate structure allows for long-term rate adoption with the goal of setting rates for a three-year period and investing in a Rate Stabilization Fund to guard against changing rates except during significant market events.  These longer rate periods give customers greater certainty in planning household budgets or significant business decisions otherwise impacted by the IOU rate swings.
CCCE’s new rate structure consolidates PG&E’s 73 different rate schedules to ten straightforward and easy to understand rate schedules.  Were also eliminating generation demand charges, meaning customers pay for the energy they use when they use it. CCCE’s rates are adopted in a public process where our Board details how rates translate to operations and community investment.
The new rate structure factors what it costs to serve each customer segment (residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial) and ensures that customer rates fairly reflect this.  The Board also directed $100 bill credits for income qualified customers to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community are not disproportionately burdened.
When compared to investor-owned utility rates, CCCE’s new rates remain competitive, ensuring lower rates across customer classes.  CCCE’s rates will continue to provide economic and environmental benefits for all customers, including funding innovative energy programs and investing in services focused on further climate action through CCCE’s member agenciescontributing to a cleaner and more reliable grid. 
The March 1, 2022, transition to new rates coincides with a ten-year high in national energy costs. Despite these challenging energy market conditions, the CCCE Policy Board of Directors on December 15, 2021, finalized a CCCE Electric Generation Rate anticipated to be 3% – 25%  lower than PG&E’s anticipated Electric Generation Rates.  
CCCE customers have the same access to rate assistance programs as customers of PG&E. Rate relief provided through the CARE, FERA, AMP, HEAP or Medical Baseline programs also apply to CCCE customers.


Review CCCE rates below or contact one of our local Customer Service Energy Advisors to learn more about your rates or how you can conserve energy and save money. 


Competitive Rates, More Transparency

CCCE and your utility provider (PG&E or SCE) partner to generate and deliver electricity across the Central Coast region as well as provide customers with their complete billing information.

Enrolling in Central Coast Community Energy?



Your utility provider delivers
customer-usage data to CCCE


CCCE sends back the electric generation charges


Your utility provider incorporates CCCE charges into your final bill

Central Coast Community Energy
Electric Generation Charges

The CCCE Electric Generation Charges may look like a new or extra charge, but you’ve always paid electric generation charges, along with the Franchise Fee and PCIA Charge. But you never knew it because these costs were hidden within PG&E or SCE’s Bundled electricity Services Charge.

Now that CCCE is responsible for how and where your electricity is generated, these charges have been broken out as separate line items. Just one of the ways that CCCE is providing customers like you more transparency and accountability.

Remember, your utility provider has always charged for both electric generation and delivery. Now you have more insight into what you’re paying for as a customer of CCCE.


Did you know? If your electricity costs have increased, it is likely due to seasonal changes in energy use or extended use of certain appliances at more expensive times of day as well as potential changes to a utility provider’s gas and electric rates. CCCE rates continue to be competitive and affordable for our customers throughout the Central Coast. 

Current Rates and Understanding Your Bill video

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Rate Assistance Programs

Central Coast Community Energy customers have the same access to rate assistance programs

There is no need to reapply for these programs with Central Coast Community Energy. Those enrolled in CARE/FERA may also be eligible to apply for the AMP Program which can provide forgiveness up to $8,000 past due.

        • CARE
        • FERA
        • AMP
        • HEAP and 
        • Medical Baseline 

Review assistance program details on our Customer Financial Resources Webpage: