Competitive Rates, More Transparency

3CE and your utility provider (PG&E or SCE) partner to generate and deliver electricity across the Central Coast region as well as provide customers with their complete billing information.



Your utility provider delivers
customer-usage data to 3CE


3CE sends back the electric generation charges


Your utility provider incorporates 3CE charges into your final bill

Central Coast Community Energy Electric Generation Charges

The 3CE Electric Generation Charges may look like a new or extra charge, but you’ve always paid electric generation charges, along with the Franchise Fee and PCIA Charge. But you never knew it because these costs were hidden within PG&E or SCE’s Bundled electricity Services Charge.

Now that 3CE is responsible for how and where your electricity is generated, these charges have been broken out as separate line items. Just one of the ways that 3CE is providing customers like you more transparency and accountability.

Remember, your utility provider has always charged for both electric generation and delivery. Now you have more insight into what you’re paying for as a customer of 3CE.

Current Rates:

For the communities of:
Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties and all residing cities, plus the Cities of Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo (with the exception of Del Rey Oaks which is found to the right.)
For the communities of: 
Cities of Arroyo Grande, Del Rey Oaks, Grover Beach, Guadalupe, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, Santa Maria & Solvang & Unincorporated Santa Barbara County in PG&E Service area

Understanding Your Bill


Want to take a closer look at your bill? Contact our local Customer Service Energy Advisors at
888-909-6227 or review the video and sample bills below.

Residential Bill:
Commercial Bill:

Did you know? If your electricity costs have increased, it is likely due to seasonal changes in energy use or extended use of certain appliances at more expensive times of day as well as potential changes to a utility provider’s gas and electric rates. 3CE rates continue to be competitive and affordable for our customers throughout the Central Coast. 

Clean energy at competitive rates.

In 2018 and 2019, 3CE matched the utility providers’ electric generation rates, providing rate benefits to customers through a 3CE rebate applied to customer’s electric bill. As of January 2020, customers now receive their 3CE rate benefits directly on their monthly bill through a competitive electric generation rate.  

3CE reinvested $4.4 million in rate benefits in 2018 compared to what customers would have paid their utility provider, and that number increased to $12.7 million for 2019 and $32.4 million in 2020.

If your feel 3CE is costing you more, request a rate comparison at 888-909-6227. You may also explore more information in the Understanding Your Bill section below.


Review the 3CE rates or contact one of our local Customer Service Energy Advisors to learn more about your rates or how you can conserve energy and save money. 


Did you know? If your electricity costs have increased, it is likely due to seasonal changes in energy use or changes to a utility provider’s gas and electric rates. 3CE offers competitive rates compared to your utility provider 

Rate Assistance Programs

CARE, FERA, AMP, HEAP and Medical Baseline is available to Central Coast Community Energy customers,  and provides the same discount regardless of enrollment with Central Coast Community Energy or your utility provider. Customers enrolled in Central Coast Community Energy continue to receive their CARE, FERA, AMP, HEAP and Medical Baseline discount within their PG&E delivery charges; there is no need to reapply with Central Coast Community Energy. Those enrolled in CARE/FERA may also be eligible to apply for the AMP Program. New CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline enrollments or renewals must still be done through PG&E’s or SCE’s customer service center or website.
3CE supports all customers and wants to remind our customers that you may be eligible for rate assistance programs such as CARE, FERA and Medical Baseline. You may be eligible to receive up to 20% off your bill.