Agricultural Rates

young technical woman working in a field of lettuces with a folder

Agricultural businesses receiving electricity service from 3CE are on a pathway to 100% renewable power and access to significant economic and environmental benefits. 

With 3CE, your farm is helping to build a cleaner and more reliable grid, improve local air quality, and support investment in your own community and your own business – at a competitive cost. 

Where is your electricity service located? 

3CE service area spans two investor-owned utility service areas. To help us provide you with the most accurate information about rates and billing, please select one of the following categories: 

3CE Service is Part of a Public Process – You’re Invited! 

3CE functions as a public agency, much like your local city council or board of supervisors. All Policy and Operations Board meetings are open to the public and provide opportunities for written and verbal comments. 3CE also formed a Community Advisory Council, which represents environmental, business, and community leaders to inform staff recommendations to 3CE boards. Decisions are made by your local elected officials with meeting agendas and supporting documents posted in advance.