Community Advisory Council

To further ensure that we meet the unique needs of our diverse community, 3CE formed a Community Advisory Council during our first year of operation. All 3CE Board Meetings and Community Advisory Council Meetings are open to the public, and 3CE welcomes input from the communities we serve. 

						Seth Capron			Chair, County of San Benito
						Katie Davis			Vice Chair, County of Santa Barbara

						Lew Bauman			County of Monterey
						Jeff Byron			County of Monterey
						Rosemary Soto		County of Monterey
						Richard Stedman		County of Monterey
						Norman Tuitavuki		County of Monterey
						Wayne Norton		County of San Benito
						Matt McClish			County of San Luis Obispo
						Heather Allen			County of Santa Barbara
						John Hughes			County of Santa Barbara
						Kris Damhorst			County of Santa Cruz
						Gine Johnson			County of Santa Cruz
						Dennis Osmer			County of Santa Cruz

3CE periodically solicits new members to fill vacant seats on the Community Advisory Council. The application form can be viewed here.