It’s All About Choice 

You’re paying for electricity. Now you can choose how it’s generated and what you pay. 

As a Central Coast Community Energy customer, 3Cchoice is your default service that supports clean and renewable energy, community investment, and access to 3CE Energy Program rebates and incentives. With 3Cchoice, 31% of your energy mix comes from eligible renewables (based on the California Renewables Portfolio Standard). 3CE and its customers are on a pathway to 100% clean and renewable energy by 2030 and 60% by 2025. Click here to learn more about 3CE’s Pathway to 100% Clean and Renewable Energy by 2030. 

Can’t wait until 2030 to support 100% renewable energy? You can support 100% renewable energy from solar and wind sources by opting up to 3Cprime service.

Qualified new and existing 3CE customers can participate in federal and regional financial assistance programs to help reduce energy costs and past due bills. Learn more about these programs on our financial assistance webpage.