Electrify Your Ride – Commercial

Overview & Eligibility


The Electrify Your Ride Program provides 3CE customers with a “one-stop-shop” for transportation electrification rebates and support. Rebates are available for electric vehicles, Level 2 EV chargers, and EV readiness (electrical work related to charger installation).

Who Is Eligible?

Commercial customers enrolled in 3CE service related to a commercial, agricultural, non-profit, multi-family housing, or industrial entity as well as public agencies are eligible to apply for the Electrify Your Ride Program. Commercial property owners can apply for up to five EV Incentives, and up to three Project Sites for EV Chargers and EV Readiness incentives.

Commercial customers must submit one application per project site (address).

Why Electrify?

  • Environmental and Health Benefits
    • In full electric mode, an electric car produces zero tailpipe emissions, dramatically lowering smog and greenhouse gas emissions
    • Cleaner cars mean cleaner air and better health
  • Fuel Costs
    • Electric vehicles typically achieve better fuel economy and have lower fuel costs than similar conventional vehicles
  • Maintenance Costs
    1. Electric motors have far fewer moving parts and never require oil changes, new spark plugs or fuel filters. Regenerative braking also extends the lifespan of brake pads by using the electric motor to decelerate the vehicle

Measure Eligibility

Measures can be applied for together or independently in any sequential order. Purchases and/or installation must be made between August 1, 2023, and August 31, 2024.


Vehicle Rebates

Vehicle Type (up to 5 vehicles*)New (Base)Used (Base)
Battery Electric$2,000$1,000
Plug-in Hybrid ElectricN/AN/A
Electric Motorcycles$1,000N/A
* Multiple vehicle rebates available to commercial customers only

Level 2 Charger Rebates

CommercialMultifamily Housing
75% of equipment cost up to $3,000 (up to $8,000 towards total project cost when Level 2 Charger and EV Readiness are applied together)Up to $10,000 (up to $20,000 towards total project cost when Level 2 Charger and EV Readiness are applied together)

DCFC Rebates Coming Soon

EV Readiness Rebates

CommercialMultifamily Housing
75% of the materials and labor cost up to $5,000 (up to $8,000 towards total project cost when Level 2 Charger and EV Readiness are applied together)Up to $10,000 (up to $20,000 towards total project cost when Level 2 Charger and EV Readiness are applied together)



Review your most recent energy bill to verify if “3CE Electric Generation Charges” are included in the statement  


Purchase your electric vehicle, EV charger, and/or complete your EV Readiness project


Submit online application with all relevant supporting documentation


3CE processes your application and will notify you of your application status via programs@3ce.org (may take up to 45 days or more)


Receive your rebate check in the mail!

Document Checklist


Stackable Rebates

California HVIP

California’s Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project (HVIP) plays a crucial role in the deployment of zero-emission and near-zero-emission technologies. HVIP accelerates commercialization by providing point-of-sale vouchers to make advanced vehicles more affordable. Launched by the California Air Resources Board in 2009, the project is part of California Climate Investments. HVIP is the earliest model in the U.S. to demonstrate the function, flexibility, and effectiveness of first-come first-served incentives that reduce the incremental cost of commercial vehicles.

Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District Grant Funds

The Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District is providing grant funds to benefit public health by cost-effectively replacing old, high-polluting equipment with newer, cleaner equipment earlier than required by regulation or through normal attrition.

San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District

SLO County APCD has infused over $36.2 million dollars into its local economy to help businesses modernize equipment and comply early with State emission regulation. These dollars have funded the reduction of over 3,343 tons of smog forming pollutants.


Consumer Reports

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) will save the typical driver $6,000 to $12,000 over the life of the vehicle, compared to owning a comparable gas-powered vehicle. With new federal tax credits from the Inflation Reduction Act, consumers can save as much as $1,100 in the first year of ownership!

Electric For All

Electric For All, powered by Veloz, is a premier consumer-facing program focused on driving forward the goal of 100% electric vehicles (EVs) on the road. Launched in October 2018, Electric For All brings together innovative consumer tools, time-saving resources and can’t-miss EV education campaigns to help prospective EV owners understand their options and make the best choice for themselves, their communities and the environment.

EV Fleet Tools

EVFleet.tools is a collection of resources designed to help municipal staff identify and implement opportunities for robust decarbonization of their organization’s fleet and facilities. On this website you will find tools developed based on analyses done for the City of Fremont Fleet Electrification Study and informed by a Regional Working Group of public and industry stakeholders in the Bay Area. Materials from the Regional Working Group’s meetings and further resources to help you make an informed transition to an electrified municipal fleet are also available. 

Concierge Service

Electrify Your Ride Concierge Service

Are you ready to offer EV car charging for your residents, customers, or employees and need a little help? Central Coast Community Energy can point you in the right direction. Our Concierge Service can evaluate your property, design a charging station plan, help you with bids from contractors, guide you through construction, and work with you to apply for rebates. 

This service is available to 3CE commercial account holders with existing properties and do not currently have charging stations installed. Complete the form and a concierge will be in touch!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an option to pre-qualify my application?

There is no pre-qualification pathway. Please follow the directions listed on the Electrify Your Ride webpages for Residential or Commercial Customers. Submit all required documentation when applying for your rebate(s). 

What is considered date of purchase for a vehicle that is ordered online?

Please use the purchase date on the bill of sale document.

What purchase dates are eligible for this program?

Please complete your purchase(s) between August 1, 2023, and August 31, 2024, to be eligible for the FY 2023-2024 Electrify Your Ride program. 

Which sites are eligible for the Multifamily Housing incentives?  

Multifamily housing properties with five (5) residential units or more qualify for the Multifamily Housing incentives. For residential charging projects located at properties with four (4) residential units or less, please apply as a residential applicant. 

I own or manage multiple commercial or multifamily housing properties. How can I apply for EV Charger and EV Readiness incentives at each site? 

Apply for each project site separately. Commercial and Multifamily property owners or managers can apply for up to three (3) project sites and are eligible to receive the maximum EV Charger and EV Readiness incentive amounts at each project site. 

How are project sites defined under this program?  

A project site is defined as a single parcel or group of adjacent parcels owned by the same entity. 

How long will it take to receive my rebate?

Please be patient as staff work diligently to process your application. Due to an increase in the number of applications, this may take up to 45 days. If you receive an email informing you that your application was approved, please allow up to 30 days for your check to be delivered to the mailing address provided in your application. For urgent inquiries, please email NorthSupport@3ce.org (for PG&E customers) and SouthSupport@3ce.org (for SCE customers)

How do I apply for a rebate?

To apply for a rebate, please visit Rebates & Incentives and select which applicant type best applies to you. After carefully reviewing the program walkthrough and eligibility checklists, please select “Apply Now” and upload the required documents to complete your application. 

Do I have to apply for all rebates in one application?

No. Applicants may apply for one or more of the three (3) rebates in any desired sequence. Separate email notifications and checks (if approved) will be sent for each application. 

How can I follow-up on the status of my application?

Applicants will be notified of the status of their application at each of the following stages via email:  

-Incomplete Application: Email requests documents, information, or both from the applicant to continue processing the application.  

-Denied Application: Email notifies the applicant that the application was denied because it did not meet the requirements of the program.  

-Application Approved: Email notifies the applicant the application was approved and a check will be delivered to the applicant’s mailing address  

If you have any inquiries that were not addressed by these emails, please contact Central Coast Community Energy’s call center at +1 (877) 455-2223 or email NorthSupport@3ce.org (for PG&E customers) and SouthSupport@3ce.org (for SCE customers) 

What if I don’t have access to scanner?

If you do not have access to a scanner, please submit a complete, clear and legible photo of your document(s). 

I own or manage commercial or multifamily residential properties (apartments, condos, townhomes). How can I get assistance planning the installation of EV chargers?

Technical assistance is available to property owners and managers who want to install charging stations for workplace or public use. Fill out an interest form in the “Concierge Service” tab and a concierge will contact you shortly.  

Are plug-in hybrids and used battery electric vehicles eligible for rebates?

Used battery electric vehicles less than eight (8) years old are eligible for a rebate. Only income-qualified resident applications are eligible to receive a rebate for a Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV).

How many EV rebates can I receive?

Commercial applicants can apply for up to five EV rebates.

How many EV Charger and EV Readiness incentives can I receive? 

Commercial or Multifamily property applicants can apply for up to three (3) project sites. Applicants can apply for EV Charger and EV Readiness rebates at each site.  

What qualifies as an electric motorcycle? 

Qualifying Electric Motorcycles include motorcycles or motor-driven cycles, according to the DMV under California Vehicle Code Sections 400, 12804.9(b)(4) and 405, 12804.9(b)(4), that require the applicant to obtain motor vehicle insurance, an M1 driver’s license, and license plates. The EYR program does not provide rebates for Class 1, 2, or 3 electric bicycles, or the electric equivalent of a motorized bicycle, such as a moped.

My used vehicle is involved in an open recall. Do I need to prove the defect has been fixed?

Yes, all eligible used vehicles in open recall must show proof of repair. For more information about the open recall for Chevy Bolt EVs (2017-2022) and Bolt EUVs (2022), please visit: https://www.chevrolet.com/electric/bolt-recall.

How do I know if my EV Charger is eligible?

EV Charger eligibility requirements include: 

  1. Level 2 Charger (requires 240-volt power source). 
  1. Must be Wi-Fi enabled (“networked”) 
  1. Must be purchased new (not refurbished). 
  1. Must be certified by Underwriters Laboratory Inc. (“UL Listed”) 

To see which EV Chargers may meet these requirements, you might find it helpful to visit this catalog. Before selecting a charger, it’s always a good idea to verify the product’s eligibility on the manufacturer’s website.   

My EV has network capabilities. Does that qualify my EV charger as networked?

No, the EV charger itself must have network capabilities to qualify for the rebate. The network capabilities of the EV are separate and do not influence the classification of the charger. 

What is EV Readiness?

The EV Readiness rebate is intended to reimburse the majority of costs associated with the cost for materials and labor for electrical work associated with Level 2 EV Charger installation at home or work.

What are the eligibility requirements for EV Readiness?

EV Charger eligibility requirements include: 

  1. Electrical work must be completed prior to application submittal. 
  1. The installer must be authorized to perform electrical/installation work, as defined by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) building guidelines. Typically, this would be a licensed general contractor or licensed electrical contractor.  
  1. The work may include materials and labor that occur in anticipation of, or during installation of EV Charger, i.e. receptacles, J-boxes, conduit, smart splitters, electrical service panel upgrades and replacements, etc. 

I am installing solar panels at the same time as the EV charger installation. Do I still qualify for the rebate? 

Yes, applications for EV Readiness must include an itemized receipt or invoice. 3CE can only reimburse costs for the installation including of all time and/or material costs associated with the installation of the EV charger.


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