Electrify Your Home

Electrify Your Home is a CCCE partnership with TECH Clean California. This partnership provides cash incentives to contractors for qualifying heat pump projects in the CCCE service area. Cash incentives are available when switching gas-powered water heaters and HVAC equipment to all-electric versions. Incentives are available to help cover appliance costs and costs related to electric panel upgrades or replacement.

Are You a Licensed Contractor?

For Residents

  • Going electric reduces regional greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that come from natural gas and propane and reduces the reliance on gas
  • Homes without gas are safer and healthier
  • A home with all-electric appliances saves 2.5 metric tons of carbon a year, equivalent to taking one car off the road for an entire year
  • Be a leader and inspire friends and neighbors to electrify their homes and build a cleaner environment for the Central Coast

For Contractors

  • Enroll to access incentives and get your business listed in TECH Clean California’s “Find A Contractor” database  
  • Access free, high-quality workforce education and training to learn how to install the latest heat pump technology safely for residential clients 
  • Receive support, including pre-installation analysis 
  • Access streamlined permitting and financial resources for large projects 
  • Receive hands-on support for contractors who serve and hire workers in low-income communities 
  • Access supply chain engagement to increase inventory and selection of appliances carried by local distributors
Are You a Licensed Contractor?
  • Contractors must first enroll in the TECH Clean California program before applying for incentives. Find a licensed contractor or ask your local contractor to sign up for TECH Clean California’s program to access these cash incentives. 

For single-family homes:

  • TECH Clean California and Electrify Your Home Program incentives:
    • Receive up to $3,800 for Heat Pump Water Heater equipment and installation 
    • Receive up to $3,500 for Heat Pump HVAC equipment 
    • Receive up to $2,000 for electric panel upgrades/replacements
  • In addition, contractors completing work on CCCE customer sites that qualify for CARE/FERA are eligible for an additional $1,000 per unit incentive through the Electrify Your Home program

For multi-family units:

  • In partnership with TECH Clean California program, CCCE will provide incentives for multifamily residential electrification projects. Projects at affordable or low-income housing may be eligible to receive up to two times the incentive amount.

For additional support, please contact CCCE Energy Advisors at 1-888-909-6227