Ag Electrification Program

Electrifying the Local Ag Industry

General Overview

CCCE is providing incentives to the Ag sector for the purpose of fuel switching irrigation pumps, refrigeration, space conditioning and other heavy-duty equipment/farm tools from fossil fuels to cleaner all-electric alternatives. The program will be implemented via a first come first served incentive application process. 

Benefits of Going Electric

  • Ag electrification benefits include; cleaner air for farm workers and for our Central Coast through local GHG reduction, more efficient technology requiring less maintenance, and possible cost savings.
  • This Ag Electrification Program provides higher incentives to small local Agricultural businesses.

Program Walkthrough

  • To qualify, the AG customer and the project site must be enrolled in CCCE electric service.
  • Funding will be distributed via a first come first served incentive application process.
  • Interested customers may apply for specific projects and will be eligible for up to 70-100% of the total project cost, not to exceed $30,000, to support electrification/fuel switching costs. Incentives to be provided at CCCE’s discretion.
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Similar State Programs
The United States Department of Energy also offers municipalities assistance to decarbonize.  

CCCE'S First Two AG Electrification Programs were a fully subscribed success!

In 2020 our initial $160k Ag Electrification Grant Program was fully subscribed with 9 local Ag applicant’s electrification or “fuel-switching” projects to accelerate the adoption of new electric equipment. The success of this program led to our refunding of the program leading to 28 more applications and an additional $400k for a total of $560k in funding made available to our Central Coast Ag customers. 
Anatum Winery received their electric forklift!
Wild Poppies received their electric RTV and olive harvesting rakes!