Supporting 100% Clean and Renewable Energy 

All Central Coast Community Energy customers help make California’s grid cleaner and more reliable by supporting the growth of renewable energy. Together, we’re on the Pathway to 100% Clean and Renewable Energy by 2030.  

With 3Cprime service, 3CE customers can support 100% renewable energy from wind and solar – today! 

3Cprime is available to all customers for an added cost of $0.008c/kilowatt hour, or approximately $4-5 extra per month for residential customers who fall within the average monthly consumption of 300 – 500 kilowatt-hours of electricity per month. 

Opt-up to 100% Renewable Energy with 3Cprime Service

Federal and Regional Financial Assistance

Qualified new and existing 3CE customers can participate in federal and regional financial assistance programs to help reduce energy costs. Learn more about these programs at the 3CE financial assistance webpage. 

3Cprime Certification

3CE offers 3Cprime Certification to commercial and municipal accounts that opt-up to 3Cprime service. This exclusive certification provides transparency and accountability, ensuring that the renewable energy claims associated with the service are credible and backed by verification independent of our agency.

3Cprime Certification offers proof that 3CE has procured clean and renewable energy resources to meet the demand of its 3Cprime customers. The clean and renewable electricity supplied through 3Cprime is compliant with:

Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS), a trusted verification system used by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)