Central Coast Community Energy Equips Contractors and Homeowners with Cash Incentives Through Home Electrification Program

June 9, 2022

Electrify Your Home Program Promises Contractors and Homeowners Savings When Converting Household Gas Appliances to All-Electric

Monterey, CA – June 9, 2022 – Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) launched its Electrify Your Home program, providing contractors with cash incentives for switching gas-powered water heaters and HVAC equipment to all-electric versions in single-family and multi-family homes. Electrify Your Home will further advance CCCE’s efforts to reduce regional greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through electrification of the building sector.

The biggest contributors to GHG emissions on the Central Coast are transportation and the building sector, which relies on natural gas (methane) to power water and space heaters, stovetops, and more. Though CCCE has previously launched two iterations of building electrification programs targeting new construction, this is its first program to target existing buildings.

“Our agency works to reduce GHG emissions on a macro-scale through purchasing clean and renewable power to serve our customers. But we’re also empowering individuals to reduce emissions on a micro-scale by offering rebates and cash incentives to electrify their homes and cars,” explains CCCE CEO, Tom Habashi. “Earlier this year we committed $2.8 million in rebates for electric vehicles and chargers. Now we’re targeting the building sector by making an additional $1.6 million in rebates available to our customers.”

CCCE’s energy programs incentives are tiered to provide the greatest benefit to customers with the fewest resources. Electrify Your Home participants may be eligible for up to $5,800 for an electric heat pump water heater or up to $5,500 for electric HVAC equipment. In addition, contractors completing work on CCCE customer sites that qualify for CARE/FERA are eligible for an additional $1,000 per unit incentive through the Electrify Your Home program. Rebates may help offset part or all of installation costs including labor and electrical panel updates or replacements.

CCCE’s Electrify Your Home program is integrated with TECH Clean California, a massive statewide initiative to incentivize general contractors and homeowners to transition buildings and households away from fossil fuels to help meet the state’s goal to reach carbon neutrality by 2045. Contractors enrolled in the TECH program will be able to apply for rebates via one application and receive one check. Contractors and homeowners can also stack rebates from other programs such as those offered by the Tri-County Regional Energy Network and from Pacific Gas and Electric.

All these programs aim to educate Californians about home electrification and incentivize contractors directly as they are often the first to get the call from homeowners when water heaters break down or plans for remodeling are underway. Contractors are uniquely positioned between manufacturers and end-users and are therefore eligible for rebates that can be passed directly to consumers.

“The truth is most homeowners don’t consider purchasing a new water or space heater until the old one breaks down. In these cases, time is usually of the essence, so most homeowners opt for the appliance their contractor recommends,” shares CCCE Director of Energy Programs, Jon Griesser. “The transition to all-electric homes is dependent on contractors having a vested interest in all-electric appliances, including the technical know-how required for installation.”

Additional resources including registration for free workforce training and development are available through the Switch Is On and TECH Clean California websites. These sites also provide home and building owners a clearinghouse to learn about residential electrification and source local contractors who have been pre-approved to receive incentives by registering with TECH Clean California. For more information about Electrify Your Home, registering with TECH Clean California, and other building electrification resources visit 3Cenergy.org/building-programs/.


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