How PG&E’s 2024 Rate Increase Impacts You 

February 15, 2024

Learn how PG&E’s 2024 rate increase could impact you and how you can lower your bills. 

The winter season is when many Californians receive some of their highest energy bills of the year. Often, this is the result of increased energy usage – the sun sets earlier, and the cold temperatures mean more people are running heaters to keep warm. Some of this year’s increase may also be the result of PG&E’s recently approved rate increases, which also affect 3CE customers. 

PG&E’s budget for 2024-2026 was approved by the California Public Utilities Commission on November 16, 2023. This budget includes an increase of $13.5 billion in 2024 which will be funded through an increase in customer rates. All PG&E electric customers including those that receive service through 3CE will pay these rate increases which went into effect on January 1, 2024. 

3CE’s electric generation costs are separate from the amount billed by PG&E each month and are not an extra charge. 

How much is the PG&E rate increase for the typical customer? 

For the average residential customer, the PG&E rate increase will be about $33, or 13% per month. You can view a cost comparison for an average customer at Find Your Best Rate Plan (  

Why did PG&E increase rates? 

PG&E has announced that it is making several changes to ensure the safety and reliability of its services including big investments in undergrounding electric lines to decrease wildfire risk. These upgrades and recent inflation are the main reasons PG&E increased their rates this year. 

It is important to note, these increased costs are only for PG&E transmission and delivery, not for 3CE’s portion of your electricity bill which covers generation of clean energy and replaces a fee that PG&E would otherwise charge. 

Why do PG&E rate increases affect 3CE customers? 

Electricity service can be thought of in two parts: generation and delivery. 3CE provides the generation portion of your electricity service, ensuring more renewable energy is generated on behalf of customers like you. PG&E continues to deliver electricity, maintaining the lines and wires that distribute electricity to your home or business. Rate increases on PG&E delivery services will still impact 3CE customers. 

PG&E is also responsible for all gas services and increases apply to all customers. 3CE does not supply any gas services. 

What about 3CE’s rates?

On September 14, 2023, 3CE’s Policy Board voted to adjust our rates to provide further savings to customers as soon as possible. On average, 3CE residential customers save an average of 23%, commercial customers save between 23-28%, and agricultural customers save 24% on their generation rates. 

How can I lower my bill? 

Financial Assistance 

The State of California offers many programs which can help you save money and energy. In 3CE’s service area, these programs are administrated by PG&E and available to all customers.