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Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) is committed to benefitting its service area by providing clean, renewable energy and also stimulating the local economy. One way 3CE does this is by sourcing small, local vendors to support our business efforts. This Vendor Registry allows 3CE to know what organizations and services are available. Vendors registered with 3CE will be contacted directly with business specific Requests for Proposals as they are applicable.

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Our Local Efforts

In addition to the Local Vendor Registry, Central Coast Community Energy recently adopted a formal Small and Local Preference Policy allowing the agency to, whenever possible, work with small, local and diverse independently owned and operated businesses to provide goods and services to the agency. The Small and Local Preference Policy requires Central Coast Community Energy to apply a five points preference to the scoring evaluation of a qualified small, local and diverse business. Central Coast Community Energy is also currently a member of 35 small, local and diverse organizations. Thank you for your continued support and your interest in being a local vendor.

Get Certified

Certification provides an opportunity for businesses to stand out among the competition. Central Coast Community Energy encourages local women-, minority-, and LGBTQ-owned businesses to certify with the CPUC’s Supplier Clearinghouse. Alternatively, businesses can certify as a small business or a disabled veteran-owned business with the Department of General Services Certification program . Certified vendors will be listed in directories which utilities can access for their contracting needs and to help them meet their voluntary aspirational goals.

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