Local Vendor Registry

Small and local business customers of Central Coast Community Energy from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara Counties are now eligible to sign up for our Local Vendor Registry.

Benefits of the Local Vendor Registry:

  • Receive Business Opportunities:
    Small and local businesses will receive business opportunity notifications including Central Coast Community Energy’s RFP/RFO announcements pertaining to their business
  • Score higher on RFPs:
    Registry helps CCCE provide a higher score to local RFP/O participants through its recently adopted Small and Local Preference Policy
  • Improve Local Economic Impact:
    Registry will help Central Coast Community Energy increase benefits to the local economy

Local Vendor Registry Form:

Our Local Efforts

In addition to the Local Vendor Registry, Central Coast Community Energy recently adopted a formal Small and Local Preference Policy allowing the agency to, whenever possible, work with small, local and diverse independently owned and operated businesses to provide goods and services to the agency.
Central Coast Community Energy is also currently a member of 35 small, local and diverse organizations. 
Thank you for your continued support and your interest in being a local vendor.