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Now you have a choice for your electricity provider.


Thanks to CCCE and the Community Choice Energy model, residential, commercial and agricultural customers on the Central Coast now have a choice when it comes to their electricity provider and what power mix they support with their dollars, a choice our region has since 2018. 


Is CCCE’s Electric Generation Charge an extra fee? 
No. CCCE manages electric generation, a service that PG&E or SCE used to provide. Now that CCCE is in charge of how and where your electricity is generated, CCCE Electric Generation charges appear on their own page within your utility provider’s billing statement. Your utility provider also no longer charges CCCE customers for electric generation. CCCE charges a lower rate than your utility provider for electric generation, delivering a monthly bill savings to customers.

Does CCCE cost more than my utility provider?
No. CCCE charges a lower rate than your utility provider for electric generation service, delivering a monthly bill savings to customers. Your utility provider continues to charge for transmission and distribution.

Why was I automatically enrolled?
Didn’t feel like you had a choice? This is completely understandable and hopefully this explanation helps: Community Choice Energy (CCE) agencies like ours provide a savings to our community through utility-scale power purchasing that would not be possible enrolling one account at a time. Being the local Joint Powers Authority makes CCCE the primary electric service provider through California AB 117. You’ve never had a choice with your utility provider, and now for the first time ever,  you do have a choice, and CCCE respects your choice.

Why am I getting charged for electricity from both my utility provider and CCCE? 
Your utility provider has always charged for electricity generation (creating electricity at a power plant), electricity transmission (transmitting high voltage over long distances) and electricity distribution (distributing lower voltage over shorter distances). With your utility provider service only, these charges are combined into one bundled service rate, along with the Power Charge Indifference Adjustment and Franchise Fee. Now that CCCE manages electricity generation, these charges are all listed separately. CCCE and your utility ptovider partner to provide complete billing information in one convenient place.


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Customers who wish to opt-out of CCCE services and remain with your utility provider can do so here: