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3CE and MBCP

Please note: Prior to September 4, 2020 3CE was named Monterey Bay Community Power or MBCP as shown in the below blog posts.

Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) Launches Electrification Education Grant Program

3CE is expanding its community investment by providing $260,000 in electrification education grants to bridge the gap in our electrification and decarbonization goals.  The program …

Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) Launches Electrify Your Ride Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

3CE’s Electrify Your Ride Program, offering 3CE customers with incentives toward the purchase or lease of new or used electric vehicles. While transportation accounts for …

A New Program Offering Electric and Gas Bill Financial Support is Now Available

The Arrearage Management Program provides up to $8,000 total past due or “arrearage” forgiveness for 3CE and PG&E customers. Customers must be enrolled in PG&E’s …


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