Electric Vehicle Incentives and Charging Station Funding Available

MBCP’s Central Coast Incentive Project (CCIP) has made $7 million in funding available towards the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charging stations for business and property owners within Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.To date, funding for Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties is fully reserved, with a small percentage awaiting final confirmation.

It’s estimated that the CCIP could result in the installation of 600 Level 2 Chargers (charging most EVs in 4-8 hours) and 60 DC Fast Chargers (delivering full charges in an hour or less) throughout the Tri-County region. With incentives of up to $80,000 per DC Fast Charger and $6,500 per Level 2 connector, there’s no better time for businesses to invest in this technology.

Local businesses who take advantage of these incentives help to support EV adoption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve local air quality, increase property value, and attract more customers as a proponent of sustainability.

CCIP Level 2 Charger funding is still available! In Monterey County, over $600,000 remains towards the purchase and installation of these chargers. You can view available funding in real time, learn more about CCIP and how your business can apply by clicking here.

If you’re considering a battery electric vehicle (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) for the new year, MBCP customers within Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties qualify for thousands in savings through Phase 2 of our electric vehicle incentive program, or MBeVIP. As of this month, there are still 52% of funds remaining!

Electrifying transportation doesn’t just offset carbon emissions, it saves consumers time and money. Unlike conventional vehicles, BEVs lack internal combustion engines. That means no oil changes, transmission fluid, spark plugs and wires, mufflers, or timing belts. Regenerative brakes give drivers instantaneous torque at low speeds, creating less wear-and-tear.

Low maintenance, public and home charging paired with predictable fuel prices are just some of the reasons why there’s no better time to electrify your transportation. Plus, by charging your EV with MBCP’s zero carbon electricity mix, purchasing an EV has never felt so right.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to visit California’s Drive Clean website to find the most up-to-date information on incentives including utility rates, insurance discounts, federal and state credits, plus Clean Air Vehicle Stickers. Interested applicants can view the list of eligible MBeVIP Phase 2 vehicles here. For more information on MBCP’s EV incentive program and how to apply click here.