Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) Launches Home Electric Vehicle Charger and Electric Panel Rebate Program

If you haven’t already electrified your ride by purchasing or leasing a new or used electric vehicle (EV), it is likely that you soon will. Now is a great time to install an EV charger at your home, even if you don’t yet own an EV. Program funds are designed to cover a majority of the cost of a network-enabled home EV charger unit plus most costs associated with any related electric updates or panel replacement.
While 3CE and other organizations are accelerating the installation of public EV chargers, nothing beats the convenience of charging your EV at home. This energy program covers a majority of the cost for equipment and installation and offers extra incentives for income-qualified residential customers and affordable housing multi-family properties. 
Program funding will be reserved on a first come, first served basis until the total $295,000 is subscribed.

Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) Launches Electrification Education Grant Program

3CE is expanding its community investment by providing $260,000 in electrification education grants to bridge the gap in our electrification and decarbonization goals.  The program aims to raise awareness around the economic and environmental benefits of electrification: a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by shifting to the use electricity rather than fossil fuels for transportation, heating, and cooking. A critical component to achieve widespread electrification is to increase public knowledge so community members are comfortable “making the switch” to electrify their home, their business operations, and their vehicle. Additionally, training local installers, builders, and developers how to design, build, retrofit, and repair electrified homes and buildings is pivotal towards developing a cleaner built environment. The Electrification Education Grant Program provides opportunities to local and regional organizations to produce new and creative ways to empower our communities to electrify the Central Coast.
Applications will be accepted through Thursday, May 13, 2021