3CE Education Grant To Support Workforce Training And Raise Awareness Around Concept Of “Electrification”

March 29, 2021

$260,000 Grant Could Support Trade Groups, Laborers, Communities with Transition from Fossil Fuel Standards and Practices to Clean Energy Solutions for Region’s Top Sectors

Monterey, CA. March 29, 2021 – Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) today launched the 3CE Electrification Education Grant Program, offering funding to advance electrification education and outreach, as well as workforce training and development within 3CE communities. This competitive grant will provide applicants with an opportunity to receive up to $50,000 for each project. 3CE is providing a virtual workshop covering program details on April 15, 2021 at 9AM.

The program aims to raise awareness around the economic and environmental benefits of electrification: a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by shifting to the use electricity rather than fossil fuels for transportation, heating, and cooking. A critical component to achieve widespread electrification is to increase public knowledge so community members are comfortable “making the switch” to electrify their home, their business operations, and their vehicle. Additionally, training local installers, builders, and developers how to design, build, retrofit, and repair electrified homes and buildings is pivotal towards developing a cleaner built environment. The Electrification Education Grant Program provides opportunities to local and regional organizations to produce new and creative ways to empower our communities to electrify the Central Coast.

“Using building construction as just one example,” shares 3CE Director of Energy Programs Jon Griesser, “if developers aren’t using cost models that forego natural gas infrastructure and if architects aren’t drawing plans that utilize clean-energy appliances, we can’t expect contractors to implement changes that go against the current. We need to start upstream and work toward changing perceptions throughout the whole supply chain and workforce, inside trade schools and elsewhere. Our hope is that this education grant will move the needle in those directions.”

Currently, the Central Coast’s transportation, building and agriculture sectors make the largest contributions to the region’s GHG emissions. These sectors have been the focus of 3CE Energy Programs to provide incentives geared toward transitioning resources, equipment and infrastructure away from fossil fuels such as natural gas, gasoline and diesel. The Electrification Education Grant Program is designed to complement 3CE Energy Programs through public awareness.

“As 3CE moves through its third year of operation, the positive impacts from our Energy Programs are growing exponentially. However, we recognize that implementing innovative programs is only part of the potential,” shares 3CE CEO, Tom Habashi. “Directing part of our electrification efforts toward raising awareness through educating customers, communities and the trades will help make electrification more accessible and more common practice.”

3CE Energy Programs are aimed at reducing GHG emissions in the three sectors which emit the most emissions: transportation, buildings and agriculture, as well as additional efforts to improve regional energy resiliency. By providing incentives to electrify infrastructure, equipment and everyday resources used by residential, commercial and agricultural customers, 3CE is making the greatest impact possible and making resources available to all types of customers. For more information about 3CE Energy Programs, please visit 3CEnergy.org/energy-programs/

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