Energy Programs Overview

Learn How You Can Benefit from Current Energy Programs

Electrifying the transportation, building, agricultural, and commercial sectors is essential if we are to reduce emissions to levels safe for the planet. 
Community Reinvestment through Energy Programs
To learn more about how CCCE reinvests back into the community through our energy programs, please watch the video to the right.

Electrifying Community Benefits

Through education and financial resources, CCCE Energy Programs assist our Central Coast Community with the switch from fossil fuels to clean energy alternatives. 
Based on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measures, focusing our Energy Programs on the transportation and building sectors will provide the greatest impact on reducing GHG emissions locally.
As CCCE launches energy programs to meet our community’s goals, we continue to collaborate and engage with stakeholders to develop and enhance our energy programs. CCCE accomplishes this through our FY 2021-22 Program Design Process. After this pilot year, we will be re-assessing our priorities annually and re-adjusting the design criteria as needed. Please see below for more information on our Program Design Process.

Share Your Feedback About CCCE Energy Programs for the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year


Community feedback continues to power the potential of CCCE Energy Programs. Following the recommendations of the CCCE Community Advisory Council and members of the communities we serve, CCCE staff are preparing to request final Board approval for proposed Energy Programs to be  administered in the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year (FY 21-22). There is still time to review the proposed programs and provide your feedback.

Program Design Process for FY 2021-22

Through surveys, webinars and direct contact, assess community priorities to shape CCCE’s next suite of energy programs. Participate in our Energy Programs Survey & have your voice be heard

English Energy Programs Survey    

Encuesta Comunitaria Sobre Programas de Energía

CCCE staff and CAC members build out Design Criteria framework that prioritizes Energy Programs based on identified attributes in Community Priorities. 
CCCE staff pre-screen Energy Programs concepts against Design Criteria to create “shortlist” of program concepts and receive public feedback.
Join CCCE staff to brainstorm and discuss potential energy programs.
Staff incorporates public feedback and builds out comprehensive FY 2021/22 Energy Program Workplan to inform FY 2021/22 budgeting efforts and provide a guide for implementation of energy programs beginning October 2021.
As a public agency and electricity generation provider, CCCE is uniquely positioned to research,
explore, pilot and launch innovative, scalable programs to accelerate the electrification
of California’s Central Coast.

Our Five-Year Energy Programs Road Map

CCCE has built a comprehensive five-year Energy Programs road map to prioritize aggressive emission reductions while driving local economic development and stable, low electricity rates. In addition, as the region’s transportation and building stock switches from fuel to electricity, the program map aims to address community emergency preparedness and resiliency during times of power outages.



Review the complete Five-Year Energy Programs Road Map: 

Five-Year Energy Programs Road Map 

(Please note: The road map was created while CCCE was still Monterey Bay Community Power)


Review the CCCE Emissions Metrics covering Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz Counties here