Local School Districts to Receive Funding for Electric School Buses

Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with five local school districts to help fund the purchase of nine new electric school buses, including five buses for the Salinas City Elementary School District. CCCE’s Electric School Bus Program will contribute up to $200,000 per bus to support each school district’s drive toward a cleaner energy future by replacing diesel, a known carcinogen, with clean-running electric power.

Post referenced from May 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/3wBdCXI 

CCCE Supports All-Electric Affordable Housing in Santa Cruz

As a project funder, Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) celebrated the groundbreaking of a new all-electric affordable housing project, 1500 Capitola Road, located in the Live Oak area of Santa Cruz, together with MidPen Housing and other supporting agencies.  CCCE’s New Construction Electrification Program gave $142,500 to the project to support building more energy-efficient and healthier housing for low-income Californians. The program supports local housing developers with the transition from traditional fuel building design to all-electric buildings. All units in this new housing project will have electric ranges, electric heat pump water heaters, and electric space heating and cooling.

Post referenced from May 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/3wBdCXI 

CCCE is Supporting California’s Newest Geothermal Facility

Check out this video that shows Casa Diablo-IV (CD4) construction progress and highlights the key role this landmark renewable energy project will play for CCCE and its customers as well as California’s grid. The renewable, binary geothermal project is in Mammoth Lakes, CA. It is expected to provide 30 MW of electricity. That is enough to power 22,000 homes and offset 160,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

Post referenced from April 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/3JNgqps

All-Electric Affordable Housing Funded by CCCE

Construction is underway for an all-electric 66-unit apartment complex in the East Garrison subdivision in unincorporated Monterey County, not far from the City of Marina. CHISPA Housing will dedicate 43 apartments to families working in agriculture. The development will provide affordable housing for families under 60 percent Adjusted Median Income for Monterey County. This is the second all-electric CHISPA affordable housing project that Central Coast Community Energy has provided funding for through CCCE’s New Construction Electrification Program.  

Post referenced from April 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/3JNgqps

Central Coast Community Energy Partners with Switch Is On Electrification Campaign

Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) has announced its partnership with the statewide Switch Is On campaign, part of a unified effort to help CCCE customers and all Californians make the switch from natural-gas-powered appliances and building infrastructure to all-electric solutions.  
Transportation, buildings, and related energy use are the biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the state. The Switch Is On campaign not only aims to educate and raise awareness about electrification, but to help California households and businesses save money and employ qualified contractors when converting from gas-powered to all-electric appliances. Additionally, Switch Is On invites interested contractors to register with its TECH program and gain access to significant contractor rebates, incentives, and workforce development and training resources. 
Read more here 3cenergy.org/press_release/central-coast-community-energy-partners-with-switch-is-on-electrification-campaign/  

Post referenced from March 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/3KRarkj

 Slate Solar + Storage Project Reaches Commercial Operation

One of the largest integrated solar and energy storage projects in California is now serving Central Coast Community Energy, Bay Area Rapid Transit, Silicon Valley Clean Energy, Stanford University, and the Power and Water Resources Pooling Authority. Canadian Solar’s fully-owned subsidiary, Recurrent Energy developed the Slate solar plus storage project in Kings County. The 390 solar plus 561 MWh storage project is expected to produce enough electricity to power about 126,000 households in California. Of all the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) CCCE has signed, and among all the PPAs that are associated with new renewable energy projects, Slate is the first to reach commercial operation.  


View the press release here.  

Post referenced from March 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/3KRarkj

Clean Air Express Electric Commuter Bus Debuts in Santa Barbara County

Residents in Lompoc, Santa Maria, Buellton, Solvang, and adjacent unincorporated areas can now use the new Clean Air Express battery-electric bus to commute to their jobs in Goleta and Santa Barbara. The bus features a 220-mile range that easily meets the longest round trip in service of 150 miles.
The all-electric bus combined with the replacement of a diesel bus eliminates 450 tons of CO2 annually, equivalent to CO2 emissions from more than 80 residential homes’ electricity use for one year. Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) is a sponsor of the bus. It’s charged at SBCAG’s Transit Facility in Goleta with 100% renewable electricity.
“We know that transportation is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States,” said Santa Barbara County Supervisor and CCCE Vice-Chair, Das Williams. “A switch to cleaner, quieter, and smoother public transit options is a switch in the right direction, one that is imperative for our future – for our children and neighbors. Today we see just how the zero-emission vehicle industry’s evolving technology is changing the game for long-range transportation options improving the efficiency, experience, and commuter benefits to save energy and the environment.”

The Clean Air Express is managed by the Santa Barbara County Association of Governments and is funded by Measure A and the County of Santa Barbara.

Post referenced from February 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/35tIPCm

Central Coast Community Energy’s Rates to Change in March for Customers in PG&E Service Area

Beginning March 1, Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE) electric generation rates will no longer be calculated as a percentage of PG&E rates. As directed and approved by our Board of Directors made up of your local elected representatives, CCCE will provide straightforward, stable rates that are based solely on the cost of serving our residential commercial, agricultural, and industrial customers.
Setting rates based strictly on the cost to serve you makes rates more reliable, transparent, and fair while allowing CCCE to remain highly competitive with PG&E. As PG&E’s rates are set to increase through a California Public Utilities Commission process, CCCE’s rates will continue to be lower across all customer classes. CCCE will continue reinvesting in our customers and local communities through increased program offerings supporting electrification in buildings and transportation.
CCCE customers have the same access to rate assistance programs as customers of PG&E. Rate relief provided through the CARE, FERA, AMP, HEAP or Medical Baseline programs also apply to CCCE customers.
*March 1 rate changes apply only to CCCE customers in PG&E service area.

Post referenced from February 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/35tIPCm

City of Atascadero Votes Unanimously to Join Central Coast Community Energy

The Atascadero City Council voted unanimously to move forward with joining Central Coast Community Energy (CCCE), putting Atascadero households and businesses on a course to begin receiving energy service from the community-focused public agency in January 2024. Atascadero is the final city in San Luis Obispo County to join CCCE, bringing the total number of Central Coast communities served by the agency to 34. 

Post referenced from February 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/35tIPCm

Northern and Central California Community Choice Aggregators Issue Joint Request for Proposals for New Clean Energy Sources

Three Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs), Central Coast Community Energy, Silicon Valley Clean Energy and Sonoma Clean Power, have partnered to jointly issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for new clean energy resources. The RFP solicits proposals from qualified and experienced individuals or firms to develop non-polluting energy sources to meet the state’s new Mid-Term Reliability procurement mandate in addition to each respective CCA’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), greenhouse gas emission reductions and reliability requirements. Proposals are due by 5 p.m. PT on January 31, 2022. 

Post referenced from January 2022 Newsletter: https://conta.cc/3rg0yVc