Net Energy Metering (NEM) Customers

Net Energy Metering Customers (NEM)

Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) is committed to providing  customers including those with solar or other on-site behind the meter renewable energy with economic and environmental benefits. Thank you for your support in our effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and grow clean energy resources.
3CE is making the transition from your utility provider for electric generation seamless by ensuring that all existing PG&E or SCE Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers are enrolled in its NEM program. Your utility provider will true-up your account at the time of enrollment with 3CE. 3CE will also pay NEM customers a much higher Net Surplus Compensation rate when they send extra energy back to the grid when applicable.
As a NEM customer, you will continue to earn NEM generation credits and offset a portion of or all of your charges for electricity, as you have been prior to becoming an 3CE customer. It is important to note that you will continue to see your utility provider’s minimum monthly fee. Your utility provider will continue handling your NEM transmission and distribution costs while 3CE takes over your NEM electric generation. 
For customers who have generation credits at true-up, those credits offset generation charges but will not be applied to PG&E or SCE Delivery Charges as a shared customer. Please consult your bill to determine whether your account accrues significant generation credits.

Enrolling as a Net Energy Metering Customer in 2021?

  • NEM customers will enroll during one of our custom NEM enrollment months: April, July and October 2021
      • Enroll in April 2021: Customers with annual true-ups in January, February, March, and April.
      • Enroll in July 2021: Customers with annual true-ups in May, June, July, and August.
      • Enroll in October 2021: Customers with annual true-ups in September, October, November and December

  • PG&E requires a true-up during enrollment 
      • 3CE will enroll NEM customers during the month closest to their normal true-up date, in order to minimize any potential disruption to the customer’s expected NEM value  

Net Energy Metering Customers Benefit with 3CE

  • Receive service with 3CE for clean and renewable electricity at a savings with 3Cchoice by taking no action
  • Support 100% California eligible renewable from solar and wind with 3Cprime 
  • NEM rate plan stays the same (including NEM 1.0) 
  • Continue to build NEM credits and offset electric generation costs

Get paid more for generating power! 

If you are a net generator of energy, meaning, during a one year time period you create more power than you use, you are eligible for Net Surplus Compensation, or NSC. 3CE offers a higher NSC rate than your utility provider:


You will also no longer have to wait 60-90 days to receive a check for your annual Net Surplus compensation. 3CE is now able to credit Net Surplus Compensation directly on your monthly utility provider statement, allowing you to apply your Net Surplus Compensation to your current and/or future utility provider charges. 
Not all NEM customers are eligible for NSC. If you are not a net generator of electricity, the electricity that you purchase through 3CE will cost less and support a cleaner power mix.
Total customer savings in 2018: $4.4 MM
Total customer savings in 2019: $12.7 MM
Whether you adopted solar or wind for the cost savings, to fight climate change or both, choosing 3CE for your electric generation aligns with these goals. 3CE provides electricity customers in our service area with a choice for community reinvestment and cleaner energy at a lower cost, along with the option to support 100% renewable energy.
3CE NEM Rate Schedule:
3CE matches your utility provider’s NEM program for electric generation with some exceptions such as Peak Day Pricing and RES-BCT. If you are grandfathered into NEM 1.0, you will keep this rate schedule. 
Why would I need power from 3CE if I have solar?
Most solar customers both generate and purchase electricity (with earned NEM credits or dollars) throughout the day. Unless you have a storage battery connected to your solar array, you are most likely purchasing power from the grid in the evenings and generating power while the sun shines. With 3CE, the power you do purchase with your NEM credits or with your dollars supports clean and renewable energy sources. 

Considering Going Solar?

Customers considering solar or other forms of distributed-energy generation will become 3CE and PG&E or SCE NEM customers automatically, as long as your utility provider’s NEM program requirements are met. Generally, this includes customers with renewable electric generation systems (such as solar, wind, biogas and fuel cell installations) that are less than 1,000 kW. Please contact your utility provider for more information NEM program requirements.
Here are some links to more information regarding the process of adding solar to your home:



Questions about your NEM account?

3CE Customer Service Energy Advisors are available to walk you through your NEM statement and answer questions you may have: 888-909-6227

Thinking about opting up to 100% renewable energy with 3Cprime?

Contact a 3CE Energy Advisor at 888-909-6227 or update your account online by clicking here.