New Construction Electrification Program

Supporting All-electric Affordable Housing


General Overview

Through a first come first served application process, the New Construction Electrification Program (NCEP) will provide affordable housing developers with incentives to build all-electric housing. Housing projects must be built to all-electric standards for all energy utility needs including but not limited to water heating, space heating, and cooking appliances. Incentives are determined on a per unit basis and will be provided “downstream” to developers upon successful completion of the project.

  • A maximum of $150,000 will be awarded to a housing development.
  • Funding amounts depend on the number of all-electric units being built.

$2,500 per affordable housing unit

Going Electric

Benefits of Going Electric

  • All-electric housing is cheaper and safer to build. 
  • Building occupants benefit from cleaner indoor air and ultra-high efficiency appliances that provide greater safety and comfort.
  • All electric housing reduces greenhouse gas emissions and criteria air pollutants by eliminating natural gas.

Program Walkthrough

  • Developers can apply online for an affordable housing project.
  • If accepted, CCCE will issue a Letter of Intent (LOI) that will reserve an incentive ($150,000 max per project) for up to 3.5 years until the development is complete.