We’ve been busy making progress.

CCCE was not formed overnight. It took nearly four years of exhaustive technical feasibility studies and engagement with the communities we serve before representatives from each city and county voted in favor of forming CCCE. Since then, we’ve been busy making progress towards our stated goals and bringing our benefits to more communities within the Central Coast.

MBCP Milestones

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    California Energy Commission Issues grant to fund technical feasibility study for MBCP

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    Technical feasibility study

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    Technical feasibility study completed

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    3 Counties and 16 cities form the MBCP Joint Powers Authority agreement

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    August 2017

    MBCP Implementation Plan submitted to California Public Utilities Commission

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    March 2018

    MBCP launches commercial service

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    July 2018

    MBCP launches residential service


CCCE staff and board members enjoyed celebrating 130 years of the Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce (SCCCC) at their annual gala event where CCCE was honored as the recipient of the 2019 Organization of the Year Award! 
Please enjoy the SCCCC’s video covering CCCE earning this esteemed accomplishment in its second year of operation. 
Please note, in 2019, CCCE’s agency name was Monterey Bay Community Power.

Affordable Rates and Community Re-Investment

17.1 million in estimated cost savings returned to our community since March 2018
93% enrollment  for customers choosing cleaner energy at a savings with CCCE
$18 million made available for local energy programs like EV incentives, EV charging stations & solar for affordable housing to date
150% increase in Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) rates for NEM solar & wind customers

Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions

Invested $1.1 billion in long-term renewable energy and storage contracts to date
Clean and renewable electricity supported on behalf of 400,000 CCCE customers across 33 communities with 3Cchoice, our default service offering
100% eligible renewable electricity service offering 3Cprime created for customers with higher renewable energy standards
CCCE’s local energy programs fund the electrification of transportation, buildings and Ag reducing GHG emissions on the Central Coast.

Local Economic Stimulation

Created over 
local, full-time positions with benefits
Supported the creation of a local call center; moved out-of-state call center to Monterey
hundreds of thousands  
in contracts with local businesses
Hosted Cal-CCA 2018 Annual Meeting at the Asilomar Conference Center, bringing over 300 clean energy industry leaders to the Monterey Bay Region
Sponsored and supported over 140 community events and organizations
Secured $7 million in EV infrastructure funding for the Monterey Bay region via the California Energy Commission’s CALeVIP program